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Upcoming Popcorn Dates
October 25: Popcorn Fundraiser Ends

November 1: Show and Sell Return and Payment Due - Take Order and Prize Orders Due Online

November 22: Take Order Pickup

December 12: Take Order Payment Due

January 22: Popcorn Victory Party

2014 Project Popcorn
The 2014 Popcorn Sale is under way with great product and great incentives to motivate our Scouts, Parents and Leaders!
•           Great merchandise mix. 10 items at $20 or less, with a lower overall average price this year. See Product Listing below.

•           Weekly “Filled-it-Up” Incentive for the "elite" sellers. Each fill-it-up form has a weekly chance to win prizes from a Motorized Razor Scooter, Mongoose Dirt Bike, iPad Mini, and more.

•           Skylight Rockets for every $600+ Seller (in addition to their other prizes)

•           Popcorn Victory Party

•           Up to 37% Commission for units

Trails-End Resources

Different Ways to Sell
Promotional Images
Virtual Sales Planner
Training Videos
College Scholarship Info
Popcorn for Our Troops
Popcorn System - Place Orders

Online Selling Info for Leaders
Online Selling Info for Scouts
Online Selling New for 2014
Validation Code is: popcorn

Westchester-Putnam Council Resources 
Sign up for the 2014 Sale
Westchester-Putnam Council Leaders Guide
Kickoff Presentation
Key Dates
Best Selling Practices for Scouts
Product Listing
Take Order Form
Prize Program
Weekly Fill-it-Up Form


Algonquin—Bill Langham                   otus.trichopsisgmail.com
Manitoga– Sue Volpato                     jsv103aol.com
Mohican—Donna Louis                      donnalouis628gmail.com
Muscoot—Mike Zeller                        michael.zellermutualofomaha.com


Why We Sell Popcorn
The Westchester-Putnam Council and Trail’s End Popcorn provide an amazing opportunity to help our Scouts pay their own way in the Scouting program and support Council-wide activities.
In 2013, our Popcorn Sale provided:
•           Nearly $300,000 for individual Scouting units and Council programs
•           Valuable life lessons in communications, planning, organization, and math to our Scouts
•           Helped provide program and facilities support for our 2 world-class camps

Additionally, popcorn proceeds help make it possible for Westchester-Putnam Scouts to experience the thrills of high adventure through life-changing experiences such as:
•           50 Miler Backpacking Treks
•           BSA's National Jamboree
•           Philmont Scout Reservation
•           National Youth Leader Training
•           Wilderness Adventure Trips

Some other important features of the Popcorn sale include:
•           High Commissions – Up to 37% of the proceeds of your sales go directly to your unit.
•           No out of Pocket Expenses for Unit - Popcorn is distributed to your unit and you collect the money from the orders before you pay the Council for the popcorn. No waiting for the profits – you keep them when you collect for the orders

•           You have a Support Team - The Westchester-Putnam Council is committed to making this campaign successful for everyone involved with your unit. The volunteer and professional support system is readily available to assist you with the tools you need to reach your goals.
•           High Quality Products. Trail’s End popcorn is part of the Weaver Popcorn Company (established in 1928), which is one of the world’s largest popcorn producers. They are committed to customer satisfaction and the success of your individual unit campaign.
•           Cool Prizes. The Council funds a prize program that sends you prizes based on the level that the boy achieves. The Council also funds Council-wide events and incentives to help motivate, excite, and reward the Scouts.
•           Proven Winner. The Popcorn sale has a long history of success in towns all across our Council, and the Country.
•           Experience – With over 30 years of experience, Trails End has the highest profit return of any fundraiser.
•           One and Done - Thousands of packs and troops fund their entire year of program through the popcorn sale.


Popcorn & The High Price Myth

One of the comments that we hear from leaders from time-to-time is that the popcorn sells for a high
price, and they worry consumers won't pay that much for a bag of popcorn. That fear couldn’t be farther
from the truth! After over 30 years selling popcorn Trails End has a long history of data that shows how
people are willing to support Scouting.

•           In 2013 the average sale price was $17.33. That's over a $12 donation to Scouting
•           With over 70% going back to local Scouting, over two-thirds of people asked will support scouting with a purchase of popcorn
•           The mid-level to high dollar items ($20 to $55) make up over 80% of the total sale

Still not convinced? Take a look at this example using another popular fundraiser - Candy Bars:

•           A unit buys candy bars and sells them for $1 each, keeping 50 cents. The 50% commission seems like a great deal, until you do the math.
•           If the unit asks 100 people to buy candy bars and assuming EVERYONE says yes they will make $50.

If the unit sells popcorn they will have a variety of products to offer. The average sale price is $17.33.
Your commission will be 34% (with the opportunity to for 37%).

•           If the unit asks 100 people to buy popcorn, and only 70% of the people say yes they will make $412.45 (70 people x $17.33 average price x 34% commission).
•           If only 50% say yes, a very unlikely and low percentage, then the unit would make $294.61 (50 people x 17.33 x 34% commission.

Even if you only get 50% of the people saying "yes" you will make almost 6 times more profit than with
candy bars! Not to mention that once you by the candy bars you own them. With Popcorn the sale is no-
risk and we will take back unsold product. Also, we don’t bill until the sale is over. We offer a local team
to provide support and guidance. We offer online and mobile selling options, and more!

Once you get down to it, the Popcorn sale is just more economical and make more sense!


Where does the Money Go?

Units keep their commission to help fund their unit's program and how the money used is entirely up to
them. Some units use it to raise funds for a big trip, summer camp, new gear, or just regular operating
expenses. Many units pay for their entire year's program with this one fundraiser!

The Council's portion of the sale helps fund things like Camperships, Council Program Events, and
improvements at our 2 great Camps! All of the money gets directly re-invested into local Scouting.


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