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Internet Rechartering

The Westchester-Putnam Council is excited to offer Internet Rechartering to your unit. This method for rechartering will make the whole process easier because you’ll be completing the charter renewal information yourself—which ensures that it will be correct—and you can do it from your home or office, anytime that it’s convenient for you. 

Here's How It Woks

A unit assigned adult volunteer will use the Internet Charter Renewal system to identify returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.

This person will need to have access to Microsoft Internet Explorer browser in order for this application to work. They can access the Internet with AOL, but they must open Internet Explorer browser to view the page correctly.

Additionally, a tutorial and on-line help resources are available.

To renew your unit charter on-line:

  1. Sixty days before your unit's expiration date, select a renewal processor. This should be someone in your unit who is familiar with the members and leaders of your unit to ensure all information provided through the process is correct. This person also needs access to the internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  2. The renewal processor attends the district training session to learn about Internet Rechartering.

  3. Your unit charter renewal packet is distributed to the unit leadership as it has been in the past, but includes an access code specifically assigned to your unit. It will not include a Charter Renewal Application.

  4. Thirty to forty-five days before your unit's expiration date, the renewal processor clicks External LinkRecharterExternal Link NowExternal Link on this webpage and begins the process.

  5. When the on-line process is completed, the renewal processor prints the completed charter renewal application.

  6. The Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, or Crew Advisor) and the Chartered Organization Representative sign the charter renewal application. The signed application along with any individual applications for new youth members or adult leaders, and materials received in the charter renewal packet, (such as the Quality Unit application), and all appropriate fees, should then be brought to the Council Service Center, or your district's charter turn-in meeting.

Please view the following resources for additional assistance.

Internet Rechartering HelpExternal Link

Note that Internet Rechartering does not work with IE 11

External Link


Create Your Appointment Here

Algonquin Sign UpExternal Link

Mohican Sign UpExternal Link

Manitoga Sign UpExternal Link

Muscoot Sign UpExternal Link


New This Year - Program and Insurance Fee 

At the September Board Meeting, a Program and Insurance Fee was discussed and approved. This fee, set at $54.00 per youth member, will be assessed at re-chartering time.   It will help cover all insurance requirements and other services provided by the council.  The Fee will be phased in over the next two years.  For 2019, the Fee will be $27.00 (50%) and in 2020 the fee will be $54.00.  We are aware that Units have already made plans for 2019 and thus wanted to make sure that we phased in the Fee.  As part of this resolution, the Board will develop and implement a process to assist underprivileged Scouts with the increased fee.

Fee Schedule For 2019 Recharter

Registration per member (youth and adult)    $33.00

Program-Insurance Fee (mandatory for all youth registrations)     $ 27.00

Insurance Fee (mandatory for all  adult  registrations)                   $4.00

Boys Life (per subscription)                        $12.00

Unit Liability Insurance Fee – per unit       $40.00 

Letter To Membership 

2019  Program Fee Assistance Form 

 Recharter Forms

Access Codes List

Cub Scout Requirements and Qualifications  

Boy Scout Troop Requirements and Qualifications 

Venture Crew Requirements and Qualifications

Explorer Post Requirements and Qualifications 

Exploring Criminal Back Round Check Exemption 



Journey To Excellence 

What is Scouting’s Journey to Excellence?

Scouting’s Journey to Excellence is a planning, performance, and recognition program for councils, districts, packs, troops, teams, crews, ships, and posts. Its goal is to align unit, district, and council performance to maximize results in key performance areas that are directly related to producing a successful, growing, and sustainable Scouting program (such as membership retention, financial strength, camping, and advancement).

The standards are based on the Kaplan and Norton balanced scorecard, which was selected by the Harvard Business Review as one of the “most important management practices of the past 75 years.” Many leaders in both for- and not-for-profit industries have adopted the balanced scorecard approach with award-winning results. Performance is measured on an overall basis, as well as in individual and key performance indicators in the areas of finance, membership, program, leadership, and customer service. 

What is its purpose?

  • Provides the template for planning an effective program.
  • Encourage and reward success in districts, councils, and units.
  • Measure performance versus process.
  • Achieve Scouting’s mission of serving more youth with a higher-quality program.

Tri-level recognition program

  • Bronze – Effective
  • Silver – Excellent
  • Gold – Exceptional

2018 Score Cards 

Other Resources




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