Cub Scout Summer Camp Achievements

Click below to see the list of achievements and adventures your scout earned this past summer 2018 at camp! See you next year!

Family Camping Weekend              June 1-3

Cub Scout Resident/Buddy Camp August 5-11

Durland Summer Camp July 23-Aug 10

Durland Awards


Cub Scout Webelos Resident Camp Registration - Link

  • Camp Read - Half Week August 11-14, 2019

Cub Scout Buddy Camp Registration - Link

  • Camp Read - Half Week August 14-17, 2019


Camp Staffs

Camp Staff for a variety of positions including management, program delivery and support are needed for all of our summer programs. The only way we can offer high quality programs is have the finest staff available. We want the people from your units that may be interested. Please download and submit the Staff Application. Ages range from 15 years old and up, we are always looking for both youth and adults.

Our CIT's learn about the camp, the program, and about themselves.  CIT's can be 14 or 15 years old.  CIT Application

All camps are operated by trained and experienced staff members. Each camp meets the requirements of both the New York Department of Health and the Boy Scouts of America.

Medical Forms

For Resident Camp Attendance, Parts A,B,& C of the Annual Health and Medical Record are required, as well as the Over the Counter Medication form.  These must be submitted prior to camp.

Annual Health and Medical Record

Over the Counter Medications Form