Varsity Scout Advancement Varsity Scouting Particulars

Rank requirements for Varsity Scouts are the same as for Boy Scouts, except positions of responsibility are met in Varsity-specific roles that can be found in Boy Scout Requirements, No. 34765. Advancement is supervised not by adult leaders, but by a young man called an advancement program manager, with assistance from a team committee member. Methods for conducting boards of review are covered in "Boards of Review: An Overview for All Ranks," Link. Council and district advancement committees should consult the Varsity Scout Guidebook, No. 34827, for a full understanding of how the program works. Varsity Scout Letter

The Varsity Scout letter is available to Varsity Scouts and adult team leaders. Requirements include attendance at meetings and activities, active participation in high-adventure or sports programs, and living the Scout Oath and Scout Law. It can be worn on the Varsity Scout jacket or the merit badge sash. Gold bars may be added to signify additional letters earned. For more, see the Varsity Scout Guidebook, No. 34827. Varsity Scout Denali Award

The Denali Award is a Varsity Scouting pinnacle. It is available only to team members who have earned a Varsity letter, and requires advancement in rank, a position of leadership, service as a team captain or program manager leading and supporting activities, knowing and living the Varsity Scout Pledge, and a unit level board of review. The board of review is conducted according to the procedures outlined in section 8, "Boards of Review: An Overview for All Ranks."External Link District or council representatives are not involved. Note the exception under, "Particulars for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks (or Palms),"External Link relating to the composition of the board.


Varsity Activity Pins

Varsity Scouts can also earn activity pins in several areas of high adventure and sports. Program resources and official pins are available for:

 backpackingExternal LinkbasketballExternal LinkbowlingExternal LinkcanoeExternal Link campingExternal LinkcavingExternal Linkcross-country skiingExternal LinkcyclingExternal Link, discovering America, fishingExternal Linkfreestyle bikingExternal LinkfrontiersmanExternal Link,mechanicsExternal LinkOperation On-TargetExternal LinkorienteeringExternal Linkrock climbingExternal Link and rappellingExternal Linkroller hockeyExternal Linkshooting sportsExternal LinksnowExternal Link campingExternal LinksoccerExternal LinksurvivalExternal Link,swimmingExternal LinktennisExternal LinktriathlonExternal LinkvolleyballExternal LinkwaterskiingExternal Link, and whitewaterExternal Link canoeingExternal Link.

The requirements for earning an activity pin are determined locally by the team captain and are usually awarded at the conclusion of each ultimate adventure or sports season.