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The Who What Where When and How of Wood Badge 

Wood Badge was developed by Boy Scout founder Lord Baden Powell as a series of lectures intended to strengthen adult leaders in the Scouting movement. 

Today, Wood Badge, Scouting’s advanced training course, is a leadership development program open to all Scout Leaders. The leadership skills you learn in Wood Badge are not only applicable to Scouting, but also contribute to your growth as an individual 

To Scout Leaders, Wood Badge training often makes the difference between offering a mere form of entertainment – or providing a program which will have a profound influence on the lives of boys and girls you serve. The Wood Badge experience teaches skills of leadership and management that enable you to become truly effective in your work with others. You as a better leader can train our youth to become better leaders.


All participants must have completed at least Basic Training, which may be available online, for their primary Scouting position. Basic Training generally consists of: 
• Youth Protection
• Position Specific Training
• Some positions may also require Outdoor Leadership Skills training 

How is Wood Badge Presented? 

Wood Badge consists of two phases. The first phase is the practical phase, which consists of two full weekends at camp, plus mid-week patrol meetings between the weekends. The second phase occurs after the weekends and consists of “working your ticket.”

What is a Ticket? 

The Wood Badge “Ticket” represents your commitment to complete a set of goals related to your position in Scouting. The ticket gives you an opportunity to practice and demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership skills presented during the course. You will complete your ticket no later than 18 months after the course.


Participants are expected to make Wood Badge their Scouting priority during this practical phase of training. Participants must arrive before 8:00 AM on the morning each session begins and remain at the sessions until each ends, camping overnight on the second session. Participants must participate in every class and activity during each of the two sessions. In addition, participants must attend the two-intersession patrol meetings that they will arrange during the first session. Upon completion of the practical experience that participant will apply the lessons learned in their Scouting position

Living Arrangements & Equipment

On the first weekend of the course, participants will sleep indoors and meals will be prepared by the staff. The second weekend will be in an outdoor setting where participants will sleep in their own tents and cook for themselves by patrol. Food will be provided as part of the course fee. An equipment list will be mailed to you after receipt of your application.

Course Uniform

All participants should wear the uniform appropriate for their primary role in Scouting. The new uniform released in the summer of 2008 or any previous official B.S.A. uniform is acceptable.


Upon successful completion of the ticket, participants are entitled to receive recognition, which consists of the Wood Badge beads (two wooden beads on a leather thong), a tan neckerchief, a leather woggle (neckerchief slide), and a certificate. The recognition items not only identify a Scouter who has completed advanced training, but remind the wearer of an ongoing commitment to continued service to Scouting.
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