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Westchester/Putnam Council C.O.P.E. and Climbing Training

Westchester/Putnam Council has a variety of climbing programs at our camps, Durland Scout Reservation and Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation. BSA requires certain levels of training for each different climbing program, beginning with Climb On Safely.

Climb On Safely is the Boy Scouts of America’s procedure for organizing BSA climbing/rappelling activities at a natural site or a specifically designed facility such as a climbing wall or tower.

All unit-sponsored/planned climbing activities, regardless of where they are held, fall under Climb On Safely. This applies to a single unit or multiple units that may be participating in a joint unit climbing activity.

Tour and activity plans are required for any unit activities involving climbing and rappelling. Tour leaders are responsible for making sure all points of Climb On Safely are followed. Unit committee chairs and local councils must ensure that an adult on the tour has taken Climb On Safely training.

Upcoming Climbing Wall Training  

  • Portable Wall Facilitator Training   (Sep 26, 2020)

    Belay On, No. 430-500, is a recommended reference.


  • Climb On Safely Safety Points

    Each of the following points plays an important role in Climb On Safely. Fun and safe climbing/rappelling activities require close compliance of Climb On Safely by the adult supervisor, the instructors, and all participants. These points also apply to bouldering—traversing a few feet above ground level.

    Climb on Safely applies to any form of unit or multi unit climbing, regardless of where it is being done.

    Cub Scouts are encouraged to engage in climbing; Webelos Scouts are encouraged to engage in climbing and rappelling in a controlled environment with close supervision by instructors who are knowledgeable about instructing this age group. Normally, this means going to a climbing gym where the degree of difficulty is age-appropriate and the harnesses are size-appropriate for Cub Scouts. Age-appropriate guidelines can be found at www.scouting.orgExternal Link.

    The adult supervisor’s relationship with youth participants should reinforce the importance of following instructions. The adult leader in charge and the climbing instructor share this important responsibility. The instructor is responsible for all procedures and for safely conducting the climbing/rappelling activity. The adult supervisor works cooperatively with the climbing instructor and is responsible for all matters outside of the climbing/rappelling activity.

    Climb On Safely is an online training module available through

    Climb On Safely Brochure

    Climb on Safely Training Outline

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