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Weekend Camping Policies

Adult Leadership
In camp there MUST be at least two (2) registered leaders at all times, one of which must be 21 years of age or older. The suggested ratio is one (1) leader for every 10 Scouts.

Check in/Check out
Check in time is between 4 PM and 10 PM on Friday or anytime up to 4 PM on Saturday. Check out time is by 10 AM on Sunday. Units MUST check out with the Ranger or Campmaster BEFORE leaving Camp. If you fail to check out with the Ranger/Campmaster and facilities are not appropriately left, you will be charged accordingly.

Drinking Water
Water should be obtained from designated sources only. The Ranger/Campmaster will inform you on where to obtain drinking water as this may change seasonally.

Camp Ranger
The Camp Ranger is available to lend assistance to your unit in many specific areas. They are responsible for care, maintenance and protection of the facility. While at camp you should follow his direction. The Campmaster Corp. assists the Ranger on the weekend and also provides certain program assistance for units.

They are within defined areas and may be preassigned to meet the unit’s needs. Site are provided clean and are expected to be in “better condition than when you arrived” upon departure. All garbage is to be carried out with you when you leave. NO STANDING TREES ARE TO BE FELLED without specific Ranger permission. Adjacent latrines must be kept clean and dumping garbage within the latrine is prohibited. Security of the campsite and equipment is the unit’s responsibility at all times.

Fireguard Plan

All units should observe the following
a. Safe areas for fires be selected & maintained
b. No Open Flames under tarps or tents. This includes
candles, lanterns & stoves as well.
c. All Fires “DEAD OUT” at night or when left unattended.
d. Follow camp procedure, as outlined by the camp, in a fire

Artificial Fuels
Propane (Lp) gas and liquid fuel is permitted for use in lanterns and stoves, under adult supervision. Lanterns and stoves are to be used only outside-not in buildings or under canvas of any type. All artificial fuel must be stored with the Ranger/Campmaster.

First Aid
Simple cuts and scratches may be treated at the site under the supervision of an adult leader. Serious illness, injury, or accident must be reported to the Ranger immediately. All Westchester-Putnam Council units are covered by accident insurance. Out-of-Council units should have their own insurance.

Hiking Trails
A wide range of trails are available for use by Scouts, Cub Scout families, leaders, and other groups on a day hike basis. Make arrangements with the camp.

Camp Improvement
As a “Good Turn” to our camps, each unit is encouraged to schedule a one hour or more camp improvement or conservation project 2 weeks ahead of your scheduled reservation.

Scouts and Leaders can fish from the shore, or fishing docks. (Docks are available seasonally)

Ice Skating
For safety reasons, secure Camp permission in advance, ALWAYS. Ice rescue equipment must be on hand and a minimum of four (4) persons involved at all times under the direct supervision of a responsible adult, 21 years old or older.

Wood Tools
Scout knives, axes & saws are a valuable part of the scout program. They must not be used to cause scarring of trees, building, tent platforms, or to inflict other damage.

Vehicles in Camp
Park in designated parking areas only. Trails and service roads are designated for specific use by camp and emergency vehicles only. Keep roads clear at all times. Be prepared to carry gear to your site.

Prohibited in Camp

    a. Alcoholic beverages
    b. Fireworks, Personal Firearms, Personal Bows & Arrows,
    Personal Sling Shots, Extra Large or sheath knives, or any
    weapon considered dangerous or unlawful.
    c. Pets, except as a matter of Health & Safety
    d. Snowmobiles, ATVs, and other motorized off road vehicles

Damage to Equipment and Facilities
The policy of the Westchester-Putnam Council requires that units be assessed full cost of restoration (i.e. materials & Labor) for any vandalism, malicious damage, and/or gross negligence; and that where such damage assessment is made, further camp reservations be withheld until such levy is paid in full.

Trading Post
Each Camp has a Trading Post stocked with camp souvenir items. Check with the Ranger/Campmaster for availability and hours of operation.

Cubs/Webelos Camping
Cub Scouts are limited to one night camping. Webelos may camp two nights. The adult/scout ratio must be at least 1:2 for Cub Scouts and 1:3 for Webelos. Adhere to adult leader requirements stated in #1.

Co-ed camping is permitted. Explorer Posts and Venturing Crews must adhere to the policy of chaperones as outlined in National BSA manuals and literature.

Never allowed in latrines, washstands, at frost-free hydrants or where fresh drinking water is available.

Emergency Telephones

  • Durland Scout Reservation: The Ranger and Campmasters can be reached in case of emergency at (845) 526-2029. 
  • Read Scout Reservation: The Ranger can be reached in case of emergency at (518) 494-2246.

Local & State authorities work with the Rangers in predetermined procedures for emergencies such as medical, rescue, lost person, fire, & civil unrest. Alert the Ranger/Campmaster as soon as practical to help with any problems


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