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By Tom Chlupsa
Maple Cabin, early winter morning

Located in Putnam County, the Agatha A. Durland Scout Reservation (previously Clear Lake Scout Reservation) boasts 1,400 acres of largely undeveloped land with many campsites and miles of hiking trails. Two lakes offer boating and swimming opportunities in season.  Hiking trips can be easily extended into the bordering Fahnestock State Park which hosts the Appalachian Trail.  Potable water is centrally located and the Sperling Center and pavilion offer basic shelter from the elements.  Canoes available seasonally at no charge (current Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense required).  Contact the Council Camping Department for reservations.  

View Short Term Camping Facility Reservations

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Patch and Segment Requirements


Facilities Available at Durland Scout Reservation 

  • Large Cabins - $225 weekend fee per unit. Fee for out of council units is $275. Refrigerator, electric cooking stove, wood stove, electricity, year-round water, optional propane heat. Capacity 40 people (Jones, Oak, White Pine)
  • Smaller Cabins - $190 weekend fee per unit. Fee for out of council units is $240. Refrigerator, electric cooking stove, wood stove, electricity, year-round water, optional propane heat. Capacity 30 people (Nardone, Schutt, Maple, Birch, Hemlock, Cedar)
  • Ground Site - $40.00 weekend fee per unit. Unit supplies tents & equipment; water & latrine nearby. Package programs available. There is no vehicular access to any of the sites from #40 - 53 and the two lean-to sites.
  • LeanTos - $45 for two leantos, $65 for three.  Weekend fee per unit.
  • Pavilion - $50 per weekend fee.  Not used for camping.
  • Day Programs - $20 per day
  • Sperling Program Shelter - $50.00 weekend fee per unit.
  • Damage Deposits - For the cabins, $75 for in-council units, $125 for out-of-council units.

Friday night arrivals up to 9:00 p.m.

Available Cabins in the Next Four Months
 Weekend Number of Available Cabins

May 1-3, 2015



May 8-10, 2015



May 15-17, 2015



May 29-31, 2015



June 5-7, 2015



June 12-14, 2015



June 19-21, 2015


By Tom Chlupsa
Nardone cabin housing 30 persons.

Reservations and Information
Westchester-Putnam Council, Boy Scouts of America, Camping Office, 41 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, NY, 10532, (914) 773-1135 ext 233.  Camping Department Fax Number: 914-449-2690

For special needs or additional information, once your unit has a reservation with the Camping Office, contact the Ranger, Keith Wiggers, at (845) 526-2029 or kwiggerswpcbsa.org.

Short Term Camping Application   [PDF, 35K]

View Short Term Camping Facility Reservations

No reservations will be accepted without full payment, damage deposit and completed application form.

Propane heat
Each cabin is equipped with a propane heater. The meter on the cabin propane supply will be read when the unit checks in and when they check out. The unit will be charged at check out for the cost of the gas used. 

Responsible for Camp safety, maintenance, security, and the rules and policy of the Boy Scouts of America and the Westchester-Putnam Council. Lives at Clear Lake.

Assists the Ranger in his duties. Volunteers are always needed. Interested persons should contact Tony Paterno, AVPaternoaol.com, (914) 472-1508.  Campmasters can be reached at Durland Scout Reservation at (845) 526-2029.

Call the Ranger or the Camping Department as soon as possible.

Prohibited Items
Fireworks, firearms (except for Peace Officers required to carry - please advise the Ranger), ATV's, chain saws, oversize cutting equipment, generators, loud audio equipment, alcohol, illegal drugs, and mountain bikes.

Pets are not permitted

Check-in Upon Arrival
Check-in is at Sperling Center (1 mile into Camp) after 4 p.m. Friday.

Vehicles in Camp
Please drive slowly; speed limit is 15 mph, no parking along roads, park in designated areas only, no riders in back of trucks, all drivers must be 18 years of age or older.

By 2 p.m. Sunday, unless prior arrangements were made at the time of reservation.

Campsites / Facilities
Reserved on a first come basis, sites are clean and are expected to be in "better" condition upon your departure.  

  1. Large and Small Cabins
  2. Limited Access (#32-38): One or two vehicles per site for transporting gear only (no passengers). Speed limit is 10 mph. These vehicles should remain parked at your site for the duration of your visit. Trucks vans or full size cars suggested.
  3. Hike to Sites (#11-19, 31, 39-43, 47): No vehicle access, plan to pack all gear to these sites (1/4 to 1 1/4 mile hike).
  4. Outpost Sites (#21-23,44,45,51-53): Long 1+ mile hike, considerable distance to water and latrines.
  5. Lean-to Sites (#LT2, LT3): 1 mile hike from Sperling Center. Call for details.  No vehicle access.
  6. Pavilion and Sperling Center: Parking at Sperling Lot.

All sites (except outpost) have water and latrine nearby. Road and limited access sites have one picnic table per site.

By Tom Chlupsa
Leanto at Site #40 overlooking Clear Lake.

Water from designated sources only. All water is well water and is tested quarterly. There is to be no washing of anything at water sources. All washing to be done at your site.

Garbage is to be taken home. We do not have dumpsters.

Ground fires are almost always permitted. Use established fire rings. Do not build fires larger than necessary. Adequate water to extinguish your fire must be on hand at all times. Unattended fires must be extinguished and all fires must be completely out.

Artificial fuels
Both propane and liquid fueled appliances are allowed. An adult must supervise lighting, cooking and refueling. Extra fuel must be in the possession of the leader in charge.

Local and State authorities work with the Ranger in pre-determined procedures for emergencies such as medical, rescue, fire, lost person, and security. Contact the Ranger as soon as practical should any problem arise.

First Aid
Simple cuts and scratches may be treated at the site by an adult leader. Serious injury or illness must be reported to the Ranger as soon as practical. Units and/or individuals are responsible for medical costs.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Putnam Valley Fire, Police, Ambulance: (845) 526-3300

Camp Phone
The camp phone is for collect, calling card and emergency only. Please keep the call short.

Please close the lid after use. Report any problems to the Ranger.

By Tom Chlupsa
Sperling Pond.  Clear Lake over the back ridge.

Hiking Trails
There are 18 miles of color codes trails available. Trail maps available. Connections to the Fahenstock State Park and the Appalachian Trail.

Nature Trail
Around Sperling Pond. Guide Book is available for loan. The Reservation abounds with wildlife of all descriptions.

Materials for Loan
Pioneering poles and ropes, 3 dutch ovens, 6 fishing poles (buy or bring tackle), wood tools, orienteering course materials, canoes and rowboats (call the Camping Department for details), sports equipment.

Best at Sperling Pond. Fish from shore, no wading. Fishing dock. No fishing at swim area at Clear Lake. There is on-going tagging program, catch and release or "if you catch it and keep it" you eat it here. No unsportsmanlike methods, treblehooks discouraged.

Swimming by permit only. Call the Camping Department for details.

Trading Post
Snacks, patches, Scout items, etc.

Non-Denominational Observance
Sunday, 10 a.m., site varies. Brief service.


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