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Durland Rifle Range Reservation Procedure

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Durland Rifle Range Reservation Form 

All WPCBSA shooting sports programs will adhere to the BSA guidelines established in the Guide to Safe

Scouting, The National Camp Standards & The BSA National Shooting Sports Manual.


The Boy Scouts of America requires two certified NRA persons to operate the rifle range- ”A certified NRA Range Safety Officer is to directly supervise all live fire on the range. Additionally, the instruction must be done by a currently certified NCS shooting sports director certified as an NRA rifle instructor, or an NRA rifle instructor. These must be two separate individuals.”

In addition, at least one of the above must be approved to supervise the range by completing a 30 minute orientation course on the Durland Rifle Range.

All qualified supervision must be registered with the BSA and as such with the Westchester Putnam Shooting Sports Committee.

  1. A Unit contacts the camping secretary and requests a range reservation. The camping secretary informs the Unit leader of the above policy and requests that the Unit’s qualified supervision submit a range application to the Shooting Sports Director, along with credentials of the qualified personnel and a Tour and Activity Plan.
  2. The Shooting Sports Director verifies the credentials of supervising personnel and notifies the camping secretary to confirm the range reservation.
  3. The camping secretary confirms the reservation and adds a copy of the confirmation to the Campmaster report. Fees must be paid in order to complete the reservation.

*Note: both supervising personnel must appear at the Campmaster check-in with their credentials to verify their identity before the range may be opened.


  • Units who do not have qualified personnel to run the rifle range may request assistance from the Shooting Sports Director and camping secretary. Requests MUST be made at least one month in advance.
  • Base fees are $50 per 2 hour session which includes 250 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. Additional ammunition is $20 per 250 rounds. If additional rounds are used, payment should be made to Campmaster at check out.
  • *Note-only ammunition provided by Durland Rifle Range is allowed.
  • All youth MUST have a signed Permission to Shoot Form presented to the RSO and kept with the closing paperwork, stapled and returned to the Campmaster.
  • All Range Officers MUST review the Durland Shooting Sports Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) prior to the event.
  • Units must have at least 2 other adults who are not the Instructor or RSO to manage the unit during the shoot.
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