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District Shooting Event Scheduling Procedures

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Durland Rifle Range Reservation Form 

  1. Schedule the event two months in advance at a minimum with the Shooting Sports Director and Camping Secretary.
  2. Contact WPC Camping Services and be prepared to provide the following information at a minimum:
    1. District
    2. Event Coordinator
    3. Type of Shooting event(s) (ie: Rifle, Archery, BB)
    4. Approximate number of shooters
    5. Certified Instructor and RSO/CRSO names and credentials
  3. File a Tour Permit when your date and staff have been confirmed.
  4. Submit all fees-due two weeks prior to the event.
    1. Range fees will NOT be accepted at the facility.
    2. If the facility does not have records indicating that payments have been made in full, the event may not occur.
    3. Districts are required to reserve the rifle range for the full day in order to set up properly for the large number of shooters. Districts will not be charged additional ammunition fees.
  5. Permission to shoot forms from parents are required for all participants under the age of 21.
  6. Range officers must check in at the Campmaster office to present credentials and obtain keys.
    1. The Ranger or Campmaster must verify Instructor's and RSO's identification and credentials, including Durland Range Certification.
    2. All Range Instructors and Officers MUST take the Durland Range Certification Course to operate the rifle, BB or archery ranges at Durland Scout Reservation.
    3. All Range Officers MUST review the Durland Shooting Sports Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) prior to the event.
  7. During the event, Range Officers must log the number of shooters and rounds, fill out opening and closing paperwork and equipment manifests and return paperwork to the Campmaster at the close of the event.
  8. The Event Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all program areas including making sure equipment and personnel are procured and proper, not the Campmaster or Ranger.
  9. Durland Scout Reservation is not responsible for awards or certificates for any event.
  10. Event Coordinator must provide at least 2 other adults at the ranges to manage the scouts during the event.
  1.  If assistance from RSO's and Instructors is required, the event coordinator should make the request to the Shooting Sport Chairman via email at least one month prior to the event.
  2.  If a private shooting range is being utilized and needs CRSO certification, the event coordinator should make the request to the Shooting Sport Chairman via email.
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