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Resources for the Crew

Venture Crew

Venturing Resources

Venture Crew Program Planning Resources

Updated materials for the 2014-2015 Scouting year are now available!

  1. Program Planning Summary PowerPoint presentation provides an overview and summary of the program planning process. 
  2. Pre-meeting Invitation External Linkis a template for a unit to invite families to take part in planning their child’s program. Can help find new leaders for the unit. 
  3. Program Planning Agenda External Linkis a summary of planning meeting. Includes preparation notes, materials needed and basic timeline. 
  4. Program Planning Worksheet is an easy to use tool that helps units brainstorm their Program Plan, put it into a calendar, then quickly develop a budget that translates into a individual sales goal for each youth. 
  5. Post Planning Meeting Letter External Linkis a template to communicate the next year’s activities and the new budget to Scouting families in the unit.

A variety of books, pamphlets, and videos are available to assist with organization, program, leadership, and activities. These materials are available through your local council. The Venturer/Ranger Handbook, Quest Handbook, and Venturing Leader Manual may also be ordered directly from Supply at 800-323-0732. 


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