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The Venturing Summit Award Service Project

Since earning the Pathfinder Award, plan and conduct a service project as described in the Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook. Before you start, have the project proposal form from the workbook completed and approved by those benefiting from the effort, your Advisor, and another Venturer designated by your crew leadership. This project must be a different project than one carried out for the Eagle Scout Award, the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award, or the Girl Scout Gold Award. —Venturing Summit Award requirement 8

A Venturing Summit Award service project must provide a valuable service that meets a need, and it must represent a significant personal growth experience through some combination of its scope and complexity, leadership of others, or a connection to a personal future life-goal related to the Venturer’s education, career, or other interest. The impact of a project—the extent to which it makes a meaningful difference—is the most important consideration.

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