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Particulars for the Discovery and Pathfinder Awards

The particulars below pertain only to the Discovery and Pathfinder awards.

The board of review is chaired by the crew president*. There is no required number of Venturers for the board, but a group of three—the chair and two members—is considered most appropriate. Fewer than that does not fully reflect the importance of the award milestones.

The chair selects the other board members from the crew. Two adults registered with the crew—preferably members of the crew committee—must be present during the board of review in a nonvoting advisory capacity.

The crew Advisor and associate Advisors are not members of the board of review, but may be present as observers. They may serve as one or both of the registered adults present.

At no time should there be more adults than Venturers present at a board of review.

The chair conducts review meetings according to BSA procedures and reports results to the crew Advisor and advancement coordinator. The review should take approximately 30 minutes, and should give the candidate and review board members a chance to explore the subjects being discussed.

The award shall not be presented until the advancement report is submitted to the local council.

The Venturer’s parents, relatives, or guardian should not be in attendance in any capacity.

*If the crew president is the subject of the board of review, then a crew vice president becomes the chair.

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