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Discovery and Pathfinder Service Requirements D

Requirement 6 for the Discovery Award calls for a total of at least 24 hours of service, up to half of which may be delivered on a personal basis by the Venturer. The rest must be delivered through crew service activities.

Note that the Venturer has the option of delivering all of the service through participation in crew service activities, or as little as half of the service through crew activities, with the rest—up to half—delivered through personal efforts.

The corresponding requirement 6 for the Pathfinder Award, calling for 36 more service hours, is handled in the same way. Service that a Venturer delivers “personally” could include, for example, service performed as part of a school, religious, or even a Scouting or Venturing event, even if other crew members decide to participate as well. Personally delivered service could also include assistance with a Boy Scout’s Eagle service project.

For service to count as a crew service activity, the service must be delivered through the efforts of the Venturer’s own crew with an expectation for crew participation. Crew participation in a community service event would count as crew-delivered service, too, if the crew planned and organized the participation.

For Venturers to fulfill these two service requirements they are dependent upon crew-organized efforts for at least half of the service, as the crew develops an ethic of service to others.

Service to the crew—such as for Pathfinder Award requirement 5—is a separate service requirement for the benefit of the crew and its members and does not count toward service hours for Discovery or Pathfinder service requirement 6 described above.

There is no requirement for Advisor approval of service delivered personally, though the “how and why” of the service may be a good topic for an Advisor conference.

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