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Submitting the Summit Award Application

A copy should be made of the application and the service project workbook. Once copies are in safekeeping, the originals should be delivered promptly to the council service center. The candidate should not be delayed. Timeliness is especially critical if the Venturer is approaching, or has already turned, 21. Sending materials late can imply the work continued afterward.

If possible, everything should be hand-delivered. Otherwise it should be sent by registered or certified mail. There is no requirement that the application must be completed or submitted before the 21st birthday. Councils do not have the authority to reject applications submitted on or after the birthday.

At the council service center the application is checked against council records. This can be done more efficiently if the crew’s records in the BSA system have been kept up to date. If everything is correct, the council provides a verification signature, files a copy of the application, and sends the original with the workbook to the board of review chair or other designated volunteer.

The board is scheduled only after the council-verified application is received. After the board of review, an approved application is returned to the council service center and the workbook is returned to the Venturer.

If the board of review denies approval, both the application and the workbook are returned to the council service center.

After the council Scout executive signs the board of review– approved application, the Summit Award is reported through Internet Advancement or other official BSA portals for reporting advancement. The Summit Award certificate and award are obtained through National Supply Group.

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