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Adult Awards and Recognition

Awards are recognitions that Scouts and adults are presented when others wish to honor them for accomplishment. Some awards for individuals are proposed, approved, and presented without the recipients' request or participation. Others have requirements than must be completed.

Scouter awards can be used to honor registered Adult Leaders. Most Scouter awards are 'knots' which are representative of pin-on medals, around-the-neck awards, or award certificates, and are designed for the convenience of the wearer. The knots are worn centered on the left side of the uniform, above the left pocket and in rows of three with the bottom edge of the knot emblem(s) touching the top edge of the pocket flap. Subsequent rows of knots are placed above the initial set, in rows of three and again, at the discretion of the wearer. There are some non-knot awards, such as the Amateur Radio Operator Rating Strip, the Arrowhead Honor, and the Leave No Trace name badges.

If medals are worn instead, only five medals may be worn at a time pinned in a single row immediately above the seam of the left pocket. In the case of the District Award of Merit and Professional Training Award, the knot is the only wearable insignia.

The order of wearing of medals and knots is at the discretion of the wearer. It is suggested that the medal or knot deemed most important by the wearer be worn on his or her own right.

The loop of the embroidered square knot that comes in front of the standing part is always to the wearer's right. Knots are worn with the distinguishing color (not white) toward the wearer's right.

Sea Scout leaders are to wear no more than six Scouter Award knots and only for Sea Scouting awards. There is no limit to the number of Scouter Award knots that adult leaders in other programs may wear. Some scouters feel that only three or six knots should be worn but there is no official policy limiting the number of awards which may be worn.

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