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Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors

With the introduction of the new Nova and Supernova awards comes a fresh opportunity for volunteer positions.

A Nova counselor can be any registered adult age 21 or older. They must be registered under the new non-unit position and no fee is required. The Nova counselor code is 58.

Supernova mentors must be 21 or older and be subject matter experts in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field and be registered under the new Supernova Mentor position code 52. This is a non-unit position and requires no fee. In addition to the BSA Adult Registration form, mentors must complete the Supernova Awards Mentor Information application. 

All Nova counselors and Supernova mentors must have current BSA Youth Protection training and certification appropriate for the programs being administered (Cub and Boy Scout Y01, Venturing Y02).

This training can be taken online at Link 

 For Westchester-Putnam Council, candidates must fill out both the adult application with the appropriate code above and Mentor Application above if applying for the Mentor position to the Council Registrar. Please be sure to also include a copy of your current Youth Protection Training. Candidates will be notified by the Merit Badge Dean upon their acceptance or rejection. Only candidates with STEM-related careers will be considered.

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