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Summer Camp Shabbat Service

Be Prepared … And Keep The Sabbath

Scout Sabbath offers an opportunity for Scouts and Scouters to learn more themselves about the value of Scouting as a youth program chartered to a Jewish organization. These traditions can and should continue when Jewish Scouts go to camp in the summer, whether with a Shomer Shabbat Troop or one with scouts of mixed faiths. Each should be encouraged to be Reverent and thankful for the world we live in.

Many units have chaplains and chaplain's aides. Utilizing these individuals strengthens their commitments to the Scouting unit and to the Jewish organization that uses the Scouting program. They can be responsible for Shabbat service during camp. 


In addition to providing for specific religious observances, the camping opportunities provided by the Boy Scouts of America offer much in the way of spiritual involvement.

The general spirit of the camps are such that the spiritual lives of the youth are strengthened with the result that they return to their homes with a deeper sense of reverence and firmer desires to be faithful in their religious responsibilities


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