Ner Tamid

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The Ner Tamid emblem is a pendant representing the Eternal Light. It is attached to a blue-and-white ribbon and a bronze bar pin that carries the inscription “Ner Tamid” in Hebrew and “Eternal Light” in English.

The Boy Scouts of America has authorized the Ner Tamid emblem to be worn over the left breast pocket at the left of the Eagle Scout badge. When the Eagle badge is not worn, the Ner Tamid is centered above the flap of the left breast pocket.


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As a Scout you know that learning by doing is a basic principle of Scouting. Just as you keep yourself physically strong by camping, hiking, and other outdoor healthful activities, so also you build yourself spiritually and morally by practicing your religion. The Ner Tamid (Eternal Light) program will help you grow spiritually. It will aid you to practice duty to God, to be reverent, and to be faithful in your religious duties.

To help you in this phase of your Scouting experience, the National Jewish Committee on Scouting has developed the Ner Tamid program for boys in grades six through nine. Similar programs have been developed by the Protestant and Catholic committees on Scouting. All Scouts are eligible to work in the distinctive religious programs of their faith, and every Scout will be proud to achieve this high honor.

As a Scout, you may work on the Ner Tamid program whether your unit is connected with your own synagogue, community center, school, or with some other organization. You carry on your Scout program in your troop while you fulfill the Ner Tamid requirements under the guidance of your rabbi or Ner Tamid counselor. If you live in a small or isolated Jewish community, contact the National Jewish Committee on Scouting for assistance.

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