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"Bible Basics RP3" is designed to help people GET INTO THE BIBLE. We firmly believe that time spent in the Bible can be precious time with God.


Read Bible stories together with families, Sunday school classes, scout groups, grandparents...anybody interested in the Bible!

bulletFor all ages (including parents and leaders)
bulletPerfect for campouts or weekend retreats
bulletNo charge to download requirements
bulletPatches and pins available from P.R.A.Y.

Themes include water, rocks, trees, birds & more!


The Bible is basic to the Christian life, and so the emphasis of this series is the Bible. And not just Reading the Bible, but taking the time to Picture the passage,Ponder its meaning, and Put it into action. That’s what RP3 is all about.  Families and groups will not only read the Bible, but become familiar with the RP3 outline and be equipped with a simple tool for personal Bible reading and study. 

Each patch in this series focuses on a simple object (i.e. water, birds, books, etc.) and includes 3 Bible stories that feature that object. Each patch will require 3 separate sessions (one session for each Bible story). Each Bible story will utilize the RP3 outline: participants will Read the passage, answer questions to Picture the story, discuss issues to Ponder its meaning, and choose an activity to Put into action.  

P.R.A.Y. is launching this series with three patches: The Good Book, Out of the Water, and Birds of the Air. The Good Book patch is considered the anchor patch and the first patch that should be earned. After that, the patches may be earned in any order.  

Bible Patch Series Requirements



The Good Book 

Story #1: The Lost Book

Story #2: Getting to Know the Bible

Story #3: Training for Godliness




Out of the Water

Story #1: Baby Moses in the River
Story #2: Naaman Washing in the River
Story #3: Jesus Baptized in the River






Birds of the Air

Story #1: God Sends Ravens to Care for Elijah
Story #2: God Lifts Us up on Eagle's Wings
Story #3: God Cares for Sparrows






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