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Boy Scout Troop Religious Emblem Checklist

Becoming an Emblem Counselor: Register as a Boy Scout Leader, submit to BSA’s background check, and satisfy/maintain Youth Protection Training requirements.

  • Visit to become conversant with the Archdiocese of New York (NYA) “Safe Environment Policies”.
  • If not registered in Boy Scouting, you must register with NYA;

Complete NYA’s Screening Process (including a background check);
Abide by the Safe Environment Policies, the Policy Relating to Sexual Misconduct, and the Code of Conduct; and
Complete the Safe Environment Training appropriate to the position.
Attend WPC Catholic Scouting Religious Emblem Training.

  • Recruit other Catholic Scouting parent(s) to serve as Emblem Counselor(s) for “two deep” adult leadership.
  • Catholic Scouting Religious Emblem training courses are scheduled at NY Archdiocese’s Fall Retreat (Saturday prior to Thanksgiving) and at the WPC Offices in the Spring on the second Wednesday of March.
  • Training can also be arranged at the Unit level provided there are a number of prospective Emblem Counselors to be trained.

Complete fully and submit a CS Religious Emblem Counselor/Facilitator form to the WPC Catholic Scouting Committee c/o Council Offices.

  • Visit to download the one page registration form, and for information on Emblems, Recognition or Activities.


To Get Started: Obtain the Counselor and Youth “Emblem Manual” for the specific emblem from the WPCouncil Scout Shop. Either Emblem can be earned by Troop or Venture Crew members.

  • Complete, including Pastor’s Approval, and submit the “Intent to Begin an Emblem Program” form to the WPC Catholic Scouting Committee c/o WPCouncil Offices.
  • Coordinate Religious Emblem scheduling with the Unit and Scouts early enough so emblem prerequisite requirements are completed by the CS Religious Emblem Boards of Review (BOR) in February.

The Ad Altare Dei Emblem is conducted during scheduled meetings led by a trained Religious Emblems Counselor, with outside homework, and takes approximately 6-8 months to complete.

The Pope Pius XII Emblem is conducted at scheduled meetings led by the participants, and moderated by a trained Religious Emblems Counselor, with outside homework. It takes approximately 9-12 sessions (3-4 months) to complete.

Upon Completion: The CS Emblem Counselor coordinates a Scout’s attendance at a scheduled BOR, and ensures the emblem application, found in the workbook, is fully completed, signed by the Scoutmaster, the Emblem Counselor and a Parish Priest, and brought with supporting materials by the Emblem Candidate to the BOR along with the $11.00 payment (checks to CYO Scouting) for the Religious Emblem.

  • The Scout is to bring the completed workbook and the applicant’s payment for the Religious Medal to the BOR. Make checks payable to CYO Scouting.
  • Upon satisfactorily completing the BOR, the Scout will be informed of the specifics of Emblem Sunday at St. Patrick’s.

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