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Cub Scout Recruiting Best Practices

Keys to Success:

  • Have a dedicated Join Scouting Night event. 
  • Top Pack leadership should be present. 
  • Secure support of school leadership. 
  • Use a proven plan tailored for YOUR Pack. 
  • Create excellent publicity. 
  • The event should be exciting and upbeat. 
  • Establish and then meet all deadlines. 
  • Recognize volunteer efforts. 
  • Follow-up with all who attended the event

Membership Goals: 

  • Membership growth experienced by each unit. 
  • New adult Leaders recruited in each unit and trained before December. 
  • At least one new Tiger Den for each unit. 
  • Units meet Pinewood Derby Car incentive goal

Who Does What? 

  • Each Pack is responsible for and runs its own JSN. 
  • A District or Council representative on hand to support the Pack and collect applications and registration fees. 
  • The Council provides printing flyers (for free), lawn signs, recruiting materials and handouts. 
  • Each Pack is responsible for collecting registrations and fees, and forwarding them to the Council.

Recruit Unit JSN Chairperson to help with:

  • Securing JSN dates, times & location.
  • Publicity, including flyers, yard signs, posters.
  • Conducting “Boy Talks” or other in-school appearances.
  • Sharing JSN information with DE and District JSN Chairperson.
  • Collecting registrations and fees and forwarding them to the DE.
  • Setup and logistics for a successful JSN, which frees the Cubmaster to “work the room”.

Units should do the following during the summer to maximize the success of their fall recruiting efforts: 

  • Get to know their school superintendent, principal, support staff and key PTA members at their local schools. 
  • Have their JSN date secured and details communicated to DE or District JSN Chair by August 31st. Securing the date earlier is always recommended. 
  • Complete school facility use forms and obtain all necessary approvals. 
  • Get approval for flyers, posters and other methods of communicating the JSN date within the schools. 
  • If possible, schedule “Boy Talks” or assemblies in the school for the week of your JSN date.

Setting the Stage:

  • The “Rule of 7” in marketing states that an individual must be exposed to an advertisement 7-times before they decide to act on it. 
  • Packs should use a multi-tiered approach to reach prospective Scouts and their families. 
  • Traditional media – Press release in newspapers, other community publications. – TV/radio coverage of Pack event. 
  • Electronic media – Unit Facebook page and other social media. Easy to forward and network. – Unit website. A good repository of information, forms and Pack calendar. 
  • Update unit’s BeAScout pin and contact information

Flyers are the primary way to communicate through schools. Remember the following: 

  • Flyers are available FOR FREE from the Council! 
  • Fliers must be ordered at least 2-weeks before you need them. 
  • You can pick them up or your DE can deliver them. 
  • Bundle flyers for each class. Include a cover sheet with distribution instructions and brief information about your Pack. 
  • Must be in the school for distribution 1-week in advance of JSN. 
  • Many schools have a “Weekly Folder”. 
  • Thank you note/gift for school secretarial staff. 

Remember…once they go out the event MUST happen!

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