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Join Scouting Night Preparation

Bring the following to support the event:

  • Cost summary sheet with all prices determined, including youth & adult registration fees, Boys’ Life fees and unit dues.
  • Sign-in sheet (include name, address, phone, email, age, school).
  • Applications (Youth and Leader) and Den Roster Forms.
  • Books: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Boy Scout Handbook.
  • Receipt book & calculator.
  • Pens, paper clips, rubber bands, tape, stapler & magic markers.
  • Mini Boys Life magazines, Popcorn flyers and other handouts.
  • Display items, including photos, Pinewood Derby cars, slide show, etc.
  • Name tags for Pack leaders with name & position.
  • Table signs, posters, lawn signs, direction signs.

Bring the following for new families:

  • Welcome to Scouting folders.
  • Summary sheet of what they need to purchase. (Example available on-line)
  • Pack calendar and Leader contact information.
  • Pack parent guide. (Examples available on-line)
  • Parent Talent Surveys, Participation Forms (100-points), etc.

Bring the following for new Leaders:

  • Suggested Den meeting plans and orientation materials.
  • Sheet with links to additional Leader resources. 
  • Calendar showing District and Council events and training opportunities.
  • Leader committee meeting schedule.


  • Place lawn signs and directional signs.
  • Directional signs should clear and bring people right to the entrance.
  • Consider placing a tent with camping items outside, staffed by a Boy Scout.


  • Welcome table with sign-in sheet and general materials (no applications)
  • Set up tables by rank, with more for Tigers. Mark with tent signs, Den flags.
  • Set up display tables with interesting materials that tell your Pack’s story.
  • Consider having a continuous slide show of the past year’s highlights.
  • Lot’s of “hands-on” displays, like Pinewood Derby cars, regatta boats, etc.
  • American and Pack flags prominently (and correctly) displayed.
  • The room should be exciting and make boys and their families want to join!


  • Simple activities/crafts for boys (and siblings) to do.
  • Activities will help control the event, keep the boys busy and minimize opportunities for horseplay.
  • Activities also give you time to talk to parents without interruption.
  • A simple “take-away” craft will remind them of the event.
  • Set up another room or go outside to keep noise at a minimum.
  • Consider using Boy Scouts (Den Chiefs) to run activities.
  • Also have a supervising adult Leader.
  • Remember 2-deep leadership!

Working the Room:

  • Someone at the door greets each family and makes sure that they sign in.
  • Hand out general materials at front table, but not applications. (People will take them and leave)
  • Direct families to appropriate table by grade/rank.
  • Encourage families to see all of the displays.
  • Everyone meets the Cubmaster!
  • Provide a more private area for financial discussions.
  • Consider having your companion Troop’s Scoutmaster attend.

Registration Process:

  • Review all applications for completeness before parents leave the table.
  • Leader applications need Committee Chair and Charter Organization Rep. signatures.
  • Make sure new Leaders sign disclosure authorization and complete reference and background portion.
  • Keep copies of all applications for the Pack.
  • Give Council-designated copies of applications and a Pack check to the District rep. at the end of the event.

Within 48-hours of your JSN: 

  • Review your sign-in sheet. Cubmaster or JSN Chair should call anyone who signed in but did not fill out an application. 
  • Cubmaster or JSN Chair should email all Den Leaders with a summary of all new Cub Scouts who have joined the Pack. 
  • Den Leaders should contact each of their new families to welcome them to the Den and outline events for the next month. 
  • Cubmaster should email or contact new families and welcome them on behalf of the Pack. Special welcome to any new Leaders. 
  • Cubmaster should send a thank-you note to the facility where the JSN was held.
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