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Graduate Webelos Scouts Into a Troop

The year-round growth plan is designed to facilitate Scout recruitment and pack-troop relations. To carry out the plan, the troop membership chair will need to remember some important guidelines:

  • Work closely with a nearby Cub Scout pack.
  • Prepare an effective Webelos-to-Scout plan.
  • Make new Scouts and their parents feel welcome.

At the beginning of the recruitment process, the troop should align with a Cub Scout pack in the community. If more than one troop draws its new Boy Scouts from this pack, contact the leadership of the other troops and design a plan to work together with the pack.

Offer the use of your troop’s equipment and expertise to the Cubmaster and the Webelos den leaders, and work with them to develop an effective Webelos-to-Scout plan, following the year-round calendar provided in this brochure. Use the Second-Year Webelos Scout Tracking Form in this brochure to collect information on each second-year Webelos Scout. The information will be invaluable as the year-round plan is implemented. The form helps track the Webelos Scouts’ progress toward becoming Boy Scouts. Lastly, ensure that the Scouts and their parents have a smooth transition from the Webelos den to the Boy Scout troop.

Make the Scouts and their parents feel welcome and at ease in the new troop environment, and recruit parents of the new Boy Scouts to become assistant Scoutmasters and troop committee members. The activities recommended in this plan will help stimulate youth interest in the Boy Scout program. Implementing the plan involves the active involvement of adult and youth leaders of the Boy Scout troop as well as the leadership of the Cub Scout pack.

2nd Year Webelos Tracker Sheet

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