Read Advancement Registration Procedures

All units are encouraged to utilize our website to register their Scouts for advancement. This includes both the First Year Camper program and merit badges. Many features are similar to that of the activities scheduling on the web, but with several important differences. THE SYSTEM WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR USE AFTER APRIL 1st.

The steps to accomplish this are as follows:
1) Pay your troop’s $100 site deposit.

2) On/before February 13th, you will receive an email with your unit's username and password.

3) There will be one username and password for each unit. We suggest that only one person access your unit’s advancement records to avoid confusion. Anyone, however, may view current registrations.

4) Troops can register Scouts as full payment is received. A $50 deposit per scout (and final payment by May 15th) will guarantee them a $30 discount on their overall fee.  The sooner they are paid in full, the sooner they can register for advancements after April 1st.

5) Troops may only register for advancement in the weeks for which you have paid fees.

6) The advancement registration system requires that you input the necessary roster information into our secure system.

7) A maximum of six advancements can be scheduled for each Scout.

8) A waiting list will be available for badges with class size limits. If a troop deletes a youth from a full class, the Scout whose name was first on the waiting list will be automatically be added to the period and the added Scout’s troop will be notified.

9) Please ensure a boy does not have a time conflict. The system will not restrict advancement conflicts by time period.

10) Troops can make changes or additions in the advancement system until 6PM of the Thursday before their week in camp.

11) Troops can print out a report of all members and their registered advancements as well as a troop roster at any time.

12) When building your troop roster, please register all adults who will be attending camp. Also indicate which days each adult will be in camp. Unlike Scouts, adults do not need to be paid to register. Registration is complete when the box next to the name is checked.

13) Questions? Please contact us at and we will assist you in any way possible.

Advancement in Camp: Tenderfoot - First Class, Merit Badges