Read Advancement Registration Limits

Camp Read uses a lottery and quota system to provide fair access to our most popular badges with limited class sizes.  

Please note that all classes do have a size cap for both safety and the quality of instruction.

On May 15 the lottery for Adirondack Challenge will occur.  On June 15th the lottery for remaining lottery badges will occur and those who are chosen will be registered for those sessions.  Those who are not chosen will be in a wait list.  After June 15th all quota and lottery limits will be removed and remaining spaces can be registered for without limit.

Please be sure when registering your scouts for advancements that you do not schedule a time conflict - the system will not restrict advancement conflicts by time period.

Merit Badges that can accommodate 12 or less scouts per class:

Climbing 10
Cooking 12
Electricity 10
Engineering 10
Geocaching 12
Home Repair 10
Kayaking 6
Photography 12
Public Speaking 8
Sculpture 12
Search and Rescue 12
Shotgun Shooting 10
Small Boat Sailing 10
Welding 10
Wilderness Survival 10
Woodwork 10


Activities that can accommodate 12 or less:

ADK Challenge 6
High COPE 10
Mountain Biking 10