Read Activity Registration Procedures

All troops may register for activities such as caving, rock climbing, the climbing tower, the zip line, low and high COPE course, mountain biking, and whitewater rafting online.

After February 22, troops who have paid their $200 per week confirmation fee may also reserve activities or modify their registrations through our website, The steps to accomplish this are as follows:

1) Pay your troop’s $200 per week confirmation fee.

2) E-mail the Camping Secretary  If you have included your e-mail on your troop confirmation fee form, you will be sent an e-mail containing a username and password to access the online registration system.

3) There will be one username and password for each troop. We suggest that only one person access your troop’s activities records to avoid confusion. Anyone, however, may view current registrations. 

4) You may then access the website to register for the following activities:
- Zipline
- Rock Climbing
- Climbing Tower
- Low COPE
- Rafting
- Horse Trail Rides
- Caving at Chimney Mountain

*High COPE, Adirondack Challenge, and Mountain Biking registrations are in the advancement section

6) You may only register for activities in the week(s) for which you have paid your confirmation fee.

7) Please pay particular attention to any costs, limits on number of participants, and minimum ages.

8) Please be careful not to schedule any conflicts. The system will allow conflicts as some larger troops may want to utilize more than one activity at a time.

9) Please do not register for more activities than your troop will be able to attend. The system will be monitored and troops registering for an unusual number of activities will be contacted to clear up any misunderstandings.

10) Troops can register for activities until 6PM of the Thursday before their week in camp.

11) Questions? Please contact us and we will assist you in any way possible.  

It is recommended that troops print their activity schedules from the website prior to arrival at camp.