Westchester-Putnam Council, BSA Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation
Counselor in Training


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The Counselor in Training (CIT) program at the Curtis S. Read Scout Reservation is critical to the success of the staff and the camp program. The majority of our camp staff have started as CITs. The elements of this program are the building blocks of our future staff.

The CIT program is designed to take 14 or 15 year old youth and give them a varied training experience. It is an intensive four, or eight week program, with all CITs living together in a site with the CIT Director and Assistant Director. There is no pay and there is no charge for food, board, or training while in the program. CITs will work in a different program area each week and will take part in training sessions designed for future counselors. The CIT program dates for 2013 are:

June 25 - August 14 for full season CITs.
June 25 - July 20 for the first session
July 20 - August 14 for the second session.

The ideal CIT is self-motivated, has a good work ethic, a desire to learn, willingness to try out different parts of camp, is able to live without electronics, is able to maintain healthy living practices (does laundry, showers regularly, eats well, keeps living quarters tidy), and develops a positive relationship with the other CITs, staff, and campers throughout the summer. It is essential that potential CITs are aware that working at camp is a try-out to assess whether or not they would make valuable staff members. Working on the staff of Read is a unique opportunity combining physical and mental challenges, pushing youth towards leadership roles in the camp community while creating friendships and developing character.

Please the link below to download the CIT 2013 application. Applications must be submitted January 2013 and the hiring process will begin February/March 2013. Late applications will not be considered. All applicants that submit an application on time will be considered for positions equally, regardless of the date of the submittal.



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