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Pack Meeting Plans

Pack Meetings

The pack meeting is the culmination of four or five weeks of den activities of all the dens. Dens may participate in the pack meeting by presenting a song, skit, ceremony, or other presentation. Boys will receive their advancement badges and other recognition items, such as patches for day camp participation, Cub Scout Academics and Sports belt loops and pins, and other awards. Every boy has a chance to be individually recognized. Be sure to recognize parents who have helped during the month, either in the dens or with the pack committee.

In each month's pack planning pages, there are suggestions for topics for the pack leaders' planning meeting. All leaders—den leaders, assistant den leaders, Cubmasters and assistants, and all committee members—are invited to this monthly meeting. Make the meeting fun as well as informative.

During the monthly pack leaders' planning meeting, you will finalize the upcoming pack meeting and will plan in detail the next month's pack meeting. This meeting is usually held one or two weeks before the pack meeting.

Plan Your Meetings

Use the meeting plan outlines. Solicit additional adult help for activities and tasks. Shared leadership of the pack benefits everyone by getting other parents involved and creating opportunities for adults to share their skills and interests with boys.

Planning for den involvement in pack meetings is most important. Each den should have their participation scheduled in advance. The order of their contribution is important to share as well: for instance, if a den has props for their activity/event, knowing when they are up next will give them time to get ready. Coordinate all skits and contributions at the pack leaders' meeting so that events are approved in advance and are not duplicated.


Each boy will accomplish one or two major rank advancements during the program year. Each of these is a very special and significant moment. Make these moments special by planning badge presentations. Also, you may choose to present the parent's pin representing each rank to recognize parental involvement in the advancement process.

Staging Events

Events at your pack meetings add to the fun and memories. Families will be taking many pictures of their son receiving his awards and recognitions. Take a little extra effort to arrange things in a way that will allow a clear shot for the perfect picture of the Cubmaster presenting the award. Provide a consistent area at your meeting place where the den displays are placed. When den skits are performed, have a plan for the manner in which dens will enter and exit. This makes for a smooth show and everyone looks great!

Recognize Your Volunteers

Occasional recognition of the pack leadership and parental involvement in activities will be welcomed by all. Everyone deserves a thank-you, and boys will proudly see the adults in their lives being recognized and appreciated.

Family Involvement

Cub Scouts need good pack leaders. They also need family support because Cub Scouting is a family program. Families can be involved by working with their Cub Scouts on advancement at home, providing ways for their Cub Scouts to earn money for den dues, helping at den meetings when needed, providing transportation, attending pack meetings, and presenting advancement awards to their Cub Scouts at pack meetings. Leaders should encourage family involvement throughout their son's Cub Scouting years.

Fun for the Family

Encourage families to complete activities in Fun for the Family, No. 33012, that are related to this month's core value, cooperation.

Good Turn for America

As noted in the Boy Scout Handbook: "To people who know about Scouting, the daily Good Turn is one of the finest features of our movement." The record of Good Turns, small and large, that Scouts have done since the day Scouting was founded is truly impressive. Do a Good Turn by picking up litter, collecting used books for children or adults in a residential situation, or collecting coats and mittens to donate to a homeless shelter before the colder weather ahead.

Unit Commissioners

A unit commissioner is a volunteer Scouter who works with the pack to help it successfully deliver a quality program. He or she can offer suggestions for solving problems. A unit commissioner is a friend. Pack leaders should get to know him or her. If your pack does not have a unit commissioner, talk to your district executive, the district commissioner, or the district chair.

National Summertime Pack Award

Summer is coming and activities will center on the out-of-doors. Plan and conduct fun pack activities for June, July, and August, and qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award. Boys who participate in all three summer pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin. Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events will be eligible for a den participation ribbon. The qualifying pack receives a colorful streamer for their pack flag.

National Den Award

Cub Scouting happens in the den. The National Den Award creates an incentive for a year-round, fun, quality program in the den. The National Den Award may be earned only once in any 12-month period (charter year or calendar year, as determined by the pack committee).

The above information was taken from the current publication of the Cub Scout Leader Book. This book and other BSA publications are available from your council service center.

Leave No Trace

Before participating in outdoor activities, all Cub Scouts should review the Leave No Trace frontcountry guidelines so they can enjoy the outdoors and make sure others can, too. Boys pledge to plan ahead, stick to trails, manage their pet, leave what they find, respect other visitors, and trash their trash. For more information, review the Leave No Trace pledge in the youth handbooks. When boys and leaders complete the requirements, award them Cub Scout Leave No Trace temporary patches. Both the publication and patch are available through your council service center at Link.

Raingutter Regatta

This exciting activity for Cub Scout families will be a memory-maker for your pack. See the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book for construction techniques and information on how to run the race. Your council service center can provide the kits to make raingutter boats. Some packs allow parents and siblings to run their own set of races. Give plenty of awards and recognition, and sing a song or two. Your Cub Scout Songbook has some great songs for the occasion.

Pack Meeting Plans- 


September - Cooperation   Sept. supplemental pack meeting plan: Hometown Heroes 

Sept. supplemental pack meeting plan: Amazing Games  Sept. supplemental pack meeting plan: Under the Big Top 


October - Responsibility   Oct. supplemental pack meeting plan: Jungle of Fun 

Oct. supplemental pack meeting plan: Down On The Farm   Oct. supplemental pack meeting plan: Dollars and Sense 


November - Citizenship   November supplemental meeting plan: Fifty Great States

Nov supplemental meeting plan: Your Vote Counts  Nov supplemental meeting plan: Gives Goodwill 


December - Respect   December supplemental pack meeting plan: Holiday Lights 

Dec supplemental pack meeting plan: Stars and Stripes  Dec supplemental pack meeting plan: Passport to Other Lands 


January - Positive Attitude   January supplemental meeting plan: Abracadabra 

Jan supplemental meeting plan: Lights! Camera! Action!   Jan supplemental pack meeting plan: Yes I Can! 


February - Resourcefulness   February supplemental pack meeting plan: Turn Back the Clock 

Feb supplemental pack meeting plan: Invention Convention   Feb supplemental pack meeting plan: Litter to Glitter 


March - Compassion   March supplemental pack meeting plan: Planting Seeds of Kindness 

March supplemental pack meeting plan: Pet Pals   March supplemental pack meeting plan: Be Aware and Care 


April - Faith   April supplemental pack meeting plan: Cub Scouts Give Thanks 

April supplemental pack meeting plan: My Family Tree   April supplemental pack meeting plan: Soaring the Skies


May - Health and Fitness   May supplemental pack meeting plan: Cub Café 

May supplemental pack meeting plan: Destination Parks  May supplemental pack meeting plan: Backyard Fun 


June - Perseverance   June supplemental pack meeting plan: Head West, Young Man 

June supplemental pack meeting plan: Over the Horizon   June supplemental pack meeting plan: Go for the Gold 


July - Courage   July supplemental pack meeting plan: Cubs in Shining Armor 

July supplemental pack meeting plan: Space: The New Frontier   July supplemental pack meeting plan: Under the Sea 


August - Honesty   August supplemental pack meeting plan: Kids Against Crime 

August supplemental pack meeting plan: Heroes in History   August supplemental pack meeting plan: Play Ball 

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