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New National Membership Fee

 Unit Leader:

We were just informed by the National Council that a Membership Fee increase will be coming later this year.  The National Council alone is responsible for the Membership Fee.  Currently the Membership Fee is $33.  100% of that fee is sent to the National Council to help with Program Development, National Council Operations, Liability Insurance, etc.  According to the National Council, we will be notified of the New Fee by October 23, 2019.  The New Fee will go into effect on January 1, 2020.  That means it will be enforced as part of the upcoming ReCharter Process.

We are very sorry to be bringing you this news so late in the year, but we felt it needed to get out to you as soon as possible.  Once, we are informed of the New Membership Fee, we will get that out to you and will update all our ReCharter   Information to help with that process.

The National Council also announced that as part of the upcoming ReCharter Process, all Registered Adult Volunteers will be required to sign an updated Background Check Approval Form.  This will allow the National Council to do additional Background Checks every few years on all Registered Adults.  This is all part of the long standing policies and procedures to protect our Scouts.  As the form becomes available, we will provide it to you via Newsletter and on the Council Website.  We expect the National Council to email this new procedure directly to all Registered Leaders.

The National Council has also updated the current Adult Application.  We are only able to accept Version #1218 or #1017.  The number can be found on Page 1 of the Adult Application on the bottom right hand side of the form.  If you need new forms, please contact your District Executive or the Council Service Center.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our Scout Executive, Richard Stockton.


Yours in Scouting,

Paxton Louis, Council President
Fred Compton, Council Commissioner
Richard Stockton, Scout Executive

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