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Boy Scout Aids in Lake Rescue

Sheriff's Deputy, and A 14-Year-Old Boy Scout and Sheriff's Cadet Help Rescue a Putnam Valley Man From Frozen Lake

Putnam County Sheriff, Robert L. Langley, Jr. reports that on January 23, 2019, at approximately 7:19 p.m. Deputies were responding to a report of a male screaming for help, possibly out on the ice in Lake Oscawana in Putnam Valley.

One of the Deputies, Jonathan Bradley was responding to the call when he was flagged down, in the area of Colemans Landing, by 14-year-old Zachary Kuttruf. Zachary, who is a Sheriff’s Cadet and Boy Scout led Deputy Bradley to the area of the lake where 49-year-old Brendan Foran of Putnam Valley had fallen through the ice.

Mr. Foran had been riding his ATV across the lake when the ice gave way, and he and the ATV fell into the freezing waters. When Deputy Bradley arrived, Mr. Foran had already been in the lake for 10 minutes and was clinging to a rock.

On the shore when Deputy Bradley arrived were Zachary’s parents, Bruce and Jennifer Kuttruf, who live nearby. They were attempting to rescue Mr. Foran by throwing a garden hose out to Mr. Foran. However, the hose was unable to reach Mr. Foran. Deputy Bradley, attempting to throw the hose from a closer vantage point, walked onto the ice. Unfortunately, the ice broke underneath Deputy Bradley’s feet, and he was unable to get closer to Mr. Foran. Luckily for Deputy Bradley, the water directly underneath him was not deep.

Mrs. Kuttruf was then able to retrieve an extension cord from her home. The cord was thrown to Mr. Foran, and Deputy Bradley with the assistance of Zachary, Bruce and Jennifer Kuttruf pulled Mr. Foran to shore.

By that time, Deputies Randel Hill, Kevin Radovich, and Anthony Tolve, along with EMS, the Putnam Valley Fire Department, and the Mahopac Falls Volunteer Fire Department Dive Team had arrived on the scene and assisted in getting Mr. Foran safely out of the lake and then carried onto the awaiting ambulance.

Mr. Foran was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation and possible hypothermia. Sgt. Thomas Lee of the Sheriff’s Department commented, “if not for the quick actions of Deputy Bradley, Brendan Foran could have died from this incident.” Deputy Bradley however, gives most of the credit to the young Cadet and Boy Scout who led him to the distressed man.

Sheriff Langley highly commends Deputies Bradley, Hill, Radovich and Tolve, and all the other emergency personnel who worked together to save this man. He especially would like to thank 14-year-old Cadet and Boy Scout, Zachary Kuttruf and his family who played a crucial role in the rescue of Mr. Foran.

“Sheriff Langley would also like to give thanks and recognition to off duty firefighter Jonathan Cummings who, along with Deputy Bradley and the Kutruff family played a crucial part in the rescue efforts. Mr. Cummings is a firefighter with the NYFD and a volunteer firefighter with the Putnam Valley Fire Department. Cummings was able to retrieve the extension cord from Mrs. Kutruff. He then made an “8 on a bight knot” on the end of the extension cord and threw it out to Mr. Foran. He then, along with Deputy Bradley, Zachary and Bruce Kuttruf pulled Mr. Foran to shore.” Link


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