No Snow, But Plenty of Donuts! 2016 Kouncil Klondike

After ironically being postponed due to snow, the Westchester-Putnam Council's joint, all-district "Kouncil Klondike" was held on February 27th at FDR State Park in Yorktown! Despite the (again, ironic) lack of snow, close to 500 scouts and scouters came out for a great day of competition, scout spirit and donuts!

Thank you to all the Mohican District troops who helped out and ran stations throughout the day:

Sled Inspections - Troop 12 Pleasantville, Troop 22 Tarrytown
2-Man Saw - Troop 1 Hawthorne
Dead-Horse Carry - Troop 4 Yonkers
Ice Rescue - Troop 73 White Plains
Fire Building - Troop 47 Yonkers
First Aid - Troop 10 White Plains
Registration & Admin Help All Day - Steve Owen, Paxton Louis, Tom Liberati, Howie Gershman, Bill Langham 

A special thank you to Troop 12 Pleasantville's Andrew Cooper for delivering 36 dozen donuts to the park! 

Sled Races - With Wheels:

First Place:  Yorktown Troop 911, Black Diamond Patrol
Second Place:  Chappaqua Troop 1, N/A Patrol
Qualifiers:    Rye Troop 2, Old Goats Patrol
                    Valhalla Troop 1, Lone Rangers Patrol
                    Montrose Troop 1
                    Mount Vernon Troop 109, Cobra Patrol
Sled Races - No Wheels:
First Place: Port Chester Troop 400, Patrol #2
Second Place:  Yonkers Troop 5, Presidential Patrol
Qualifiers:    Port Chester Troop 400, Patrol #1
                    White Plains Troop 73, Patrol #1
                    Yonkers Troop 12, Frontiersmen Patrol
                    Ossining Troop 49, Duct Tape Patrol

Scout Skills Stations
Overall Top 3
First Place: T400 Port Chester Patrol #2 with a perfect 1000 points
Second Place: T911 Yorrktown "Black Diamond" Patrol with a score of 990  
Third Place: T49 Ossining "Duct Tape Patrol" with a score of 985
Fourth Place: T36 Montrose "Brotherhood Patrol" with a score of 980
Top Algonquins
T400 Port Chester Patrol #2 with 1000 points
T400 Port Chester Patrol #1 with 960
T4 Scarsdale "Wolves" with 950
Top Manitogans
Y911 Yorktown "Black Diamond" with 990
T47 Ossining "Duct Tape" with 985
T36 Montrose "Brotherhood" with 980
Top Mohicans
T5 Yonkers with 975
T73 White Plains Patrol #1 with 940
T12 Yonkers "Frontiersmen" with 935
Top Muscootians
T1 Carmel "Super Waffle" with 940
T371 Mahopac "Wolverines" with 920
T49 Armonk "Osprey" with 885