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Lodge Legend
Ktemaque Lodge was born of an ideal.  The ideal was exceptional leadership founded upon the principles found in the setting of Scouting.  This ideal was fundamental in the Treasure Island Scout Camp, on the Delaware River where in 1915 Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson formed the first group of Scouts who exemplified the principles of honor campers into the first lodge of the Order of the Arrow.  Like Scouting, the Order of the Arrow was quick to gain acceptance and so it spread from the original lodge to 284 lodges throughout the country.

Chappegat Lodge #15 was one of the oldest lodges in the country.  It was formed just eight years (1923) after Dr. Goodman and Carroll Edson formed the Order of the Arrow.  It received the number "15" since it was the fifteenth lodge to be officially chartered in the country.  Chappegat was named after the council's camp.  In Iroquois it translates to mean "deep water."  The charter members of the lodge were inducted into the Order of the Arrow by members of another lodge.  After the induction ceremony the original members were crossing Lake Kanuwahke to return to camp.  While paddling their canoes the new Arrowmen saw a group of five beavers traveling in the same direction, and thus the beaver was chosen as their lodge totem.  The Chappegat Lodge was chartered to the Siwanoy Council in New Rochelle, New York on August 22, 1923.

Hanigus Lodge #47 was formed and chartered on June 17, 1930 to the Bronx Valley Council in Mount Vernon, New York.  Hanigus means "ground squirrel" in the language of the Delaware.  The lodge totem was the chipmunk.

In 1957, Chappegat #15 and Hanigus #47 Lodges merged to form a new lodge: Mide Lodge #15.  Mide kept the number 15 from Chappegat Lodge.  Mide was chartered to the Hutchinson River Council in New Rochelle, New York in 1957.  The name Mide is a derivative from the expression "Mide Dew Agum" meaning "Great Medicine Drum" in the Chippewa language.  The lodge totem was rightfully a ceremonial drum.

Wiccopee Lodge #86 was formed and chartered on June 4, 1936 to the Hendrick Hudson Council in Ossining, New York.  Wiccopee means "long dam" or "long hill" in the language of the Algonquin.  The lodge totem was the great horned owl.  In January of 1947 Wiccopee Lodge was disbanded.  The members of the disbanded Wiccopee Lodge came together again in 1948 to form the Great Horned Owl Lodge #86 also chartered to the Hendrick Hudson Council.

The Wakoda Lodge #246 was formed and chartered on August 6, 1943 to the Fennimore Cooper Council in White Plains, New York.  The name "Wakoda" has no known meaning.  The lodge totem was the fir tree.

In 1951, Great Horned Owl Lodge #86 merged into the Wakoda Lodge #246 and remained as Wakoda Lodge #246.

Kitchawonk Lodge #32 was formed and chartered on August 5, 1927 to the Yonkers Council, Yonkers, New York.  Kitchawonk is a Delaware word meaning "high sandy place".  The lodge totem was the kingfisher.  In June of 1947 Kitchawonk Lodge rechartered under a new name: Tahawus Lodge #32.  Tahawus is Delaware for "cloud splitter".  The lodge totem was the half moon.  Tahawus Lodge was also from the Yonkers Council, Yonkers, New York.

On August 8, 1955 Tahawus Lodge #32 and Wakoda Lodge #246 merged to form Horicon Lodge #246.  Horicon Lodge was named after the town of Horicon, New York in which the council's camp was located.  Horicon Lodge was chartered to the Washington Irving Council in White Plains, New York.  The lodge totem was the raccoon.

In 1973 Mide Lodge #15 and Horicon Lodge #246 merged to form Ktemaque Lodge #15.  The merge occurred at approximately the same time as the Washington Irving Council and Hutchinson River Council merged to form the Westchester-Putnam Council of White Plains, New York, which Ktemaque Lodge is chartered to today.  In 1996 the Westchester-Putnam Council moved its headquarters to Hawthorne, New York.

Ktemaque is a Delaware word meaning "from the land of the beaver."  The lodge totem is the beaver.

Ktemaque Lodge will celebrate its 45th anniversary in 2018.

Past Leaders

Year Lodge Chief Adviser
1973-1974 Peter Fillippeli Norman Russakoff
1974-1975 Patrick Cunningham Norman Russakoff
1975-1976 Tim Mehne Norman Russakoff
1976-1977 Vincent Kiernan Robert Fenty Jr.
1977-1978 Peter Rousseau Robert Fenty Jr.
1978-1979 John Gelinas Robert Fenty Jr.
1979-1980 Neil Bussell Robert Fenty Jr.
1980-1981 Lawrence A. Iuso Donald Vanderbilt
1981-1982 Vincent Tiso Donald Vanderbilt
1982-1983 S.Lawrence Rusoff Donald Vanderbilt
1983-1984 S.Lawrence Rusoff Donald Vanderbilt
1984-1985 Kenneth Eichwald Neil Bussell
1985-1986 Leon Nanton Neil Bussell
1986-1987 Jess Hurwitz Dennis O'Brien
1987-1988 Howard Simpson Robert Fenty Jr.
1988-1989 John Pavlik Robert Fenty Jr.
1989-1990 Patrick Haggerty Michael Amico
1990-1991 Robert Behan Michael Amico
1991-1992 Robert Behan Michael Amico
1992-1993 Daniel Malutich Michael Amico
1993-1994 Guy (Tom) Zelley Michael Amico
1994-1995 Evan Davis John Sikora
1995-1996 Eric Rauschenbach John Hotchkiss / Robert Fenty Jr.
1996-1997 Chris Davis Robert Fenty Jr.
1997-1998 Chris Davis Robert Fenty Jr.
1998-1998 Thomas White Robert Fenty Jr.
1998-1999 Theodore Dallhoff Robert Fenty Jr.
1999-2000 Dan Walsh Robert Fenty Jr./ Ed Lacey
2000-2001 Dan Walsh Ed Lacey
2001-2002 Jaison Desai Ed Lacey
2002-2003 Dennis Reilly Ed Lacey
2003-2004 Matthew Mann Robert Carlson
2004-2005 Andrew Teichman Robert Carlson
Kevin McGinn
Robert Carlson
Clayton White
Robert Carlson
Kevin McGinn
Robert Carlson
Clayton White
Robert Carlson
Brandon Azoulai
Robert Carlson
Robert C. Ciralli Robert Carlson
Robert C. Ciralli
Robert Carlson
Sean-Patrick Sosa-Iles
Robert Carlson
Sean-Patrick Sosa-Iles Robert Carlson
Michael Shearer
Robert Carlson
Miles Goldberg
Robert Carlson
Chris Krajca
Robert Carlson
Xerxes Libsch
Robert Behan
2016-2017Chris KrajcaRobert Behan
 2017-2018Jack KiernanRobert Carlson
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