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This "Unit Election Guide" contains all of the information necessary for a successful Order of the Arrow unit election.

The Unit Election Results Report Form must be mailed to Ktemaque Lodge #15 by the Unit Leader within one week of the election and postmarked no later than April 1stResults postmarked after April 1st will not be accepted, as it doesn’t allow adequate time to send registration information to those elected.  Adult nomination forms must also be postmarked by April 1st or they will not be accepted.

NEW Email option

The Scoutmaster may fill out this form and email it by the April 1 DEADLINE to Operations Adviser and also to Membership Adviser.

O/A Eligibility form and also TroopMaster's O/A Election Report from TroopMasterExternal Link Version 4 or greater may be submitted instead of the Unit Election Results Report Form, but the Unit Leader must sign TroopMaster's O/A Election Report, and also write the community and district on the form.

How To Create an O/A Eligibility Report and O/A Election Report
from TroopMaster Software
(Version 4 or greater)
for a Unit Election

  • Make sure that all of the necessary information has been entered into TroopMaster, so it has complete and up-to-date information.
  • Open TroopMaster.
  • On the Menu Bar, click "Reports" > "Order of the Arrow" > "O/A Eligibility".
  • Change the "Starting date for counting camp nights" to two years before the date of your unit election.
  • The following boxes should be checked.
    • "Include scouts"
      • "All Scouts"
    • "Include adult leaders
      • "All Adults"
    • "Include eligible members only"
    • "Include eligibility requirements"
    • "Double space"
    • "Generate Unit O/A Election Report"
    • "Include unit leader in header"
    • "Include email address"
  • Click OK.

Use the arrows on the tool bar to view your troop's O/A Eligibility Report and O/A Election Report.

The list of adults who have met the camping requirement on TroopMaster's O/A Eligibility Report will be helpful to the unit committee when they select adult(s) to nominate.

The unit leader should bring the O/A Eligibity Report and O/A Election Report to his unit's election.

Use the names on the TroopMaster O/A Eligibility form to create a pre-printed ballot with the names of the Scouts who meet all of the eligibility requirements and are eligible to have their names on the ballot.

It is strongly recommended that the OA Unit Election video and the "Election Ceremony" be used.  The election ceremony is best done by OA members wearing their official uniform and their Order of the Arrow sash, who have memorized their lines.  Three OA members are required to show the election video and perform the Election Ceremony.  In no event should this ceremony be ad-libbed or conducted in an extemporaneous manner.  This circumvents the Unit Election Process, which explains the purpose of the Order of the Arrow and the Unit Election procedures.

The BSA ID number of those elected must be included in the election results.

After the unit election, the unit leader may mail results to Ktemaque Lodge at the following address or the unit leader may email the results to using either the Unit Election Results Report form or the completed TroopMaster O/A Election Report.

Ktemaque Lodge #15
Unit Election Results
41 Saw Mill River Road
Hawthorne, NY 10532-1519


If the number of ballots cast is not more than 50%, please indicate the number of youth members who were present during the election.

If you wish to have someone explain to OA members in your unit how an election should be conducted, please contact either the Lodge Operations Vice Chief North, Lodge Operations Vice Chief South or Operations Advisor.  At least two weeks notice is required if you would like an election team to conduct your election.

If you have any questions, please contact our Operations Adviser.


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