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Everyone Wins With Exploring!

Exploring will be one of the best opportunities you offer your company, your employees, and the youth of your community.

“My daughter wants to be a doctor, so the Health program was a wonderful experience! It gave her the opportunity to learn from actual medical professionals. A lot of young men and women who want to enter the medical profession never get a chance to actually explore what a medical professional does on a daily basis. The Explorer program gives them a snapshot into their possible future.” — Jason B., Parent

“The students were not sure what they wanted to do in the future and now they have a clear pathway.” — Elizabeth S., Explorer Advisor

“I would participate again because I found the program very helpful and I enjoyed meeting new people with the same goals and interest as myself.” — Stephanie R.,  


Company Benefits-

• Cultivate future employees

• Impact on the education process of youth

• Prepare young adults for transition from school to work

• Develop future responsible and caring adults

• Improve staff teamwork working on common goals outside of normal work

• Visible commitment to the welfare of the community

Employee Benefits-

• Increased realization that we are ALL responsible for molding today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders

• Greater job awareness

• Opportunity for greater community involvement

• Enhanced communication, planning, and program development skills

• Increased initiative of employees

Youth Benefits-

• Practical, real-world career experiences and insight

• Stimulated interest in continual education

• Building of leadership, self-confidence, and problem-solving skills

• Cooperative relationship between adults and youth

• Community service to others

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