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Venturing: Time Well Spent 

By the time they enter their teens, young people have established their attitudes, interests, and opinions about many of life’s issues and choices. However, they need opportunities to evaluate their beliefs, goals, and abilities.

  • Specifically, teens need to test their capacity to
  • Accept and meet new challenges
  • Make independent decisions and choices
  • Make important contributions to a team effort
  • Make ethically, morally and spiritually sound decisions
  • Contribute something of value through service to a community or family.

School, sports, part-time jobs, religious activities, family commitments, homework, and just taking time to “hang out” with friends result in many teens having no time for anything else. People concerned with meeting the needs of busy teenagers today often merge a variety of resources or develop their own programs to accomplish their goals.

Venturing is a new, comprehensive program developed with the needs of teenagers in mind. It offers teens an opportunity for investing their time in their futures. Time in the Venturing program is truly time well spent. The Venturing program is unique because it utilizes extreme outdoor adventure as the method for building character, peer-to-peer bonds, and independence.

A recent research study by Louis Harris & Associates determined that through activities such as camping,hiking, boating, snorkeling, and mountain climbing, a majority of Venturers receive the following benefits:

  • I made new friends. 96%
  • I had opportunities to go places and do things I had never experienced. 93%
  • I was encouraged to share my ideas and opinions. 91%
  • Being a Venturer has taught me to have more self-confidence. 89%
  • The activities in Venturing helped me prepare for the future. 89%
  • My crew faced ethical and moral decision-making choices. 79%
  • Another value of the Venturing program is its design for encouraging youth to provide service to others. Most Venturers (56 percent) participate in a service project in their community, such as cleaningup property, organizing food and blood drives, and working with the elderly.

The importance of service projects is threefold:

1) They help meet important physical and emotional needs.

2) They communicate the value and importance of other people.

3) They allow young people to develop empathy with those who are in need. “Aloneness” is perhaps the largest factor contributing to a growing degree of disconnectedness between teenagers and their families.

One outcome of this is a growing incidence of depression in the lives of teens. A combination of greater time demands on family members and expanded options for individual activities has led many teens to spend significant time alone. Venturing is a catalyst for interaction between peers with like interests and gives crew members and parents common ground for communication.

Venturers mention that because of the program they

Learned to get along with people different from themselves 92%

Practiced skills of cooperation and teamwork 92%

Had an adult to talk with about important issues 91%

Talked with parents about things learned in the program 85%

The middle school through high school years are the last opportunity for young people to prepare for the challenges of adulthood. For those facing the task of providing structure and resources through which teens make their final preparations for their adult lives, Venturing provides the very best foundation.

Whether your teens are preparing for high school or getting ready for college, the program is flexible enough to meet their needs. Venturing is time well spent for your youth. Learn more about how Venturing can work for your youth by contacting your local Boy Scouts of America council.  Or go to the BSA national Web site at

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