Program Overview 

Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scout Program

Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts devote part of their weekly meeting to "business items" such as monitoring the boys' progress toward rank advancement and other awards and choosing, planning, and preparing their activity for the upcoming pack meeting.

Every den meeting should include at least one game, to be conducted by the den chief; craft projects that are started at the meeting and completed at home with the boys' families; and other group activities such as songs, stunts, and puzzles related to the monthly theme.

Often, den meeting activities enable the Cub Scouts to complete some requirements toward an award or rank. The den leader can initial the requirement in the boys' handbooks, but it must also be signed by a parent or guardian to indicate the requirement has been completed.

Webelos Scout Program

The program activities in a Webelos den meeting often focus on "Activity Badge Fun." It's a time for instruction, practice, games, and contests related to the activity badge of the month. It's a chance for the boys to learn by doing.

The Webelos Leader Guide provides den meeting outlines for each activity badge. Many Webelos den leaders use these outlines as guides and incorporate ideas or plans they develop themselves. A well-planned den meeting program will ensure that most of the boys will qualify for the activity badge by the end of the month.

Webelos Scouts also prepare for the den's part in the next pack meeting. They may work on projects that they will exhibit, or practice ceremonies, skits, songs, and other activities that they will conduct.

Finally, the den meeting is a good time to plan and prepare for other activities, such as service projects and outdoor events, that are also key parts of the Webelos Scouts' experience.