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David J. Walsh, Council President
Michael F. Nolan, Council Commissioner
Marc T. Andreo, Scout Executive

Every year over 1,500 local boys join Scouting to do one thing, HAVE FUN! They find out about your Pack or Troop from a friend, through the media, or at school. They do not stop to evaluate all the various issues or weigh their choices; they simply go home to say… “I want to be a Scout!” 

A successful recruitment campaign starts with a sound plan. It continues when the plan is developed through our key volunteers and staff, and most importantly, it can only be successful if our leaders commit to giving every family a chance to become a part of Scouting. With that in mind, we are pleased to join the BSA’s national recruitment campaign, titled “Badge of Honor”. New and exciting recruiting materials were made available through our Program Launch this spring and we are here to support your efforts in marketing your Unit to your local community.

To help our Units and potential new families we are also committed to utilizing www.beascout.org. This web site provides a simple way for parents to learn about Scouting and locate a Unit closest to their home. All of our marketing materials will be branded with this web site and maintained by our Units and Council, which will make joining easier than ever.

Our Council has a passion for membership growth and has been very successful at supporting our Packs and Troops. If your Unit has not already done so, please contact your District Executive to develop your plan today.


Yours in Scouting,

Marc T. Andreo



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