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Webelos Klondike Derby


The Webelos Klondike Derby is a winter competition event for Webelos Scouts during which dens pull their Klondike sleds along a course in the woods. Along the way, they will be tested on scouting skills at about 10 stations. The Klondike Derby provides an opportunity for Scouts to apply their Scouting skills in a fun competition.


We recommend 3 - 10 mushers per sled. Sleds can be anything from a large flexible flyer to a borrowed or traditional homemade sled. Maximum two wheels WHICH MUST BE REMOVABLE FOR THE RACE. Each sled should be able to hold and protect all of the gear needed for all the scouts for the day.


- Each Team will be expected to have the following supplies on their sled to complete tasks:

  • A den flag/identifying banner (legible for photos from up to 15’ away)
  • A compass
  • Eight pieces of ¼” nylon rope approx. 6’ length (polypropylene is not recommended)
  • 1 Flint and Steel (1 per musher would be great but not required)
  • A first aid kit (see Webelos book)
  • Prospecting tool (small shovel/trowel) for each musher
  • Large garbage bag
  • Two straight poles approx. 5’ long
  • A clipboard, notepaper and a pen in a clear plastic gallon Ziploc bag
  • A blanket


Bag lunch with a beverage, suitable attire for the weather and a dry change of clothes (which may be kept in the car).

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the Klondike Kafe throughout the day.



Mushers will have to demonstrate Scout skills such as knot tying, first aid, fire building, etc. Depending on the activity at each station, sled team will be awarded points based on scout skill knowledge, teamwork, and spirit.


Awards will be announced on the web-site and awarded at the March roundtable in the following categories:

  • Over-all Winner and Keeper of “The Westchester-Putnam Council Klondike Pole”
  • Highest Score “Scout Skill”
  • Highest Score “Scout Spirit and Teamwork”
  • Fastest time at the race station
  • Most original and creatively designed sled










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