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Durland Scout Reservation

Patch & Segment Recognition Requirements


Requirements for the Round Patch: 

For sale to anyone camping overnight at Durland Scout Reservation (DSR)!


Segment Requirements:

  1. Outdoorsman:
    1. Has camped overnight at DSR with his/her Unit.
    2. Has completed a one-hour Service project at DSR.
  2. Camper:
    1. Has camped at least two nights at DSR.
    2. Has hiked at least 6 miles (including 3 miles with full pack) of the 16 miles of trails available at DSR.
  3. Pioneer:
    1. Has camped at least 3 nights at DSR, of which one was in an outpost area.
    2. Has participated in a major pioneering project, knows 3 different lashings, and has earned their Tot ‘n’ Chip card.
  4. Sourdough:
    1. Has camped overnight 5 nights at DSR, of which one overnight:
      • 1.The 8am temperature was below 20°F OR
      • 2.There was at least 2 inches of snow on the ground.
    2. Has baked a pie, cake, or bread (8 servings) over an open fire on a campout.
  5.  Ranger:
    1. Has camped at least 6 nights at DSR, of which 3 were in an outpost area.
    2. Has earned at least one other segment.
    3. Has participated in a worthwhile good turn, service, or conservation project at DRS. 

NOTE: The Camp Ranger may waive the other requirements for this segment and award it for outstanding service.