Hornaday Awards Requirements 

There are several different Hornaday awards. (The gold badge and gold medal are for adults.) Think of them as an "olympics of conservation," with an ever-increasing scale of challenge.

The award is given in one of seven forms:

  • The local council may present the William T. Hornaday unit certificate for a conservation project by a pack, troop, team, or crew.
  • The council may award the Hornaday badge to individual Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers for outstanding service in conservation.
  • The council may award the Hornaday gold badge to adult Scouters who have given significant leadership to conservation at a council or district level.

All other Hornaday Awards are conferred by the National Council:

  • Scouts and Venturers may apply for the bronze and silver medals.
  • Adult Scouters may be nominated for the gold medal.
  • Organizations unaffiliated with Scouting may be nominated for the gold certificate.