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Hornaday Project Write Up

 From the Hornaday Application-

For each project, attach an executive summary, complete project description, and any supporting materials to this application. You may follow the structure that is identified in the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, No. 512-927, to help you record the plans and execution of each project. Be sure to identify the conservation issue or problem that each of your projects was designed to address as well as any relationship that your projects may have to each other. Individual work items cannot be counted in more than one project.

There must be clear written evidence in your application that you did indeed plan, lead, and carry out along-term, substantial project in one of the conservation categories. Additional written supporting material relating to the applicant’s conservation work (newspaper articles, letters of commendation, or photos of the completed project) will be considered. Evidence of leadership in researching, planning, leading, and carrying out the project, and of how this influenced other people, must be clearly documented.

Documentation: Document everything. Assign one volunteer as the official photographer for all workdays. Take pictures of the materials used in the project as well as their use. Photographs of “before” and “after” the project are helpful. Keep all receipts and packing slips from materials purchased or donated. It is also recommended that you keep notes on the work accomplished every day you spend on the project. This will help with the final write-up when the work hours completed by all persons must be recorded.

What to include: The project is finished, so what writing do you need to complete? Write a comprehensive summary of both the execution phase and of the entire project. Then describe and detail the following categories (from the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook): Leadership, Work Hours, Benefit, Changes, Photographs, Letter from the Benefiting Organization, and Update.

Presentation: Be sure to have your write up in a suitable binder with all materials clearly labeled.

Application: Be sure to have all information filled in for the appropriate application for the proper award. Your Conservation Adviser and Unit Leader must sign his/her approval for the Hornaday Badge, Bronze and Silver Medals.

For Venturers: After completing your conservation service project, complete the following requirements, document them on a separate sheet of paper, and attach them to the application.1. Make a tabletop display or presentation on your conservation project for your crew, a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop, or another group. 2. Lead a Cub Scout pack or another youth group in carrying out an age-appropriate conservation project from the list of Hornaday award categories.

Boy Scouts and Venturers should use the Hornaday Award Project Workbook for guidance with their project and submission of project along with the award application.

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