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Hornaday Process for Venturers

Venturers who are dual registered in a Troop and a Crew may choose to complete either the Merit Badge requirements or the special Venturing requirements until they turn eighteen.

All Venturers registered only in a Crew and those over eighteen must complete a tabletop display and lead a group in completing a conservation project for the Badge or earn the Ecology, Plants and Wildlife, and Conservation electives of the Venturing Ranger Award for the Bronze or Silver Medals.

Scouts may transfer registration from Boy Scouts to Venturing, but will need to complete Venturing requirements if they apply for a Hornaday award through a Venturing Crew. Projects completed in Boy Scouts may transfer over to Venturing, but it is important to remember that Venturers are expected to develop projects with an increased level of complexity that may not have been present when the Boy Scout completed a project. 

For all levels of Scout awards, individuals are required to carry out a number of large conservation projects, similar to “supersized Eagle projects.” Projects must be chosen from the below list of categories and only one project may come from each category.

A Venturer is also required to provide details about the following topics:

  • The research performed in connection with the conservation projects undertaken. The relevant research must be cited at the appropriate location in the conservation project documentation. A works cited page must be provided that lists sources cited. The works cited must be formatted according to established standards. Its placement in the document is up to the Applicant.
  • The Applicant's entire Hornaday effort. This evaluation, included in the application in a separate section, should contain information on alternatives considered for each project and an explanation of why each specific conservation project was selected, procedures used, processes used, staffing levels used, funding requirements, and so on.
  • The lessons learned. Included in the report in a separate section; this details what the Applicant, in hindsight, would do differently on each project. The section should include recommended changes in project selection; procedures, processes, and staffing levels used; funding requirements; and evaluations of project effectiveness over time.

Venturer Ranger Electives

Venturers have the opportunity to earn three portions of the Ranger award as an alternative to earning the required Merit Badges at the Bronze or Silver Medal level. At the Badge level, Venturers must make a tabletop display about their Hornaday Badge project and lead a group (Cub Scouts preferred) in completing (not necessarily
leading) an additional conservation project.

Earning the Ranger Award is not required, but completing the Ecology and Plants and Wildlife portions of this award is required. The Conservation portion may be recorded on the Hornaday application; it is required, but the project can be double counted with the Hornaday Badge project.

Ecology: This Ranger award elective requirement involves explaining natural systems and cycles in watersheds, describing environmental study areas, and going on a field trip to the environmental study areas. Then, with professional guidance, complete an inventory of the study areas and teaching others how to do a similar investigation.

Plants and Wildlife: First, Venturers will select an area to study wildlife or plants and studying these species in different seasons and periods of the year. Then, plan a project designed to benefit plants or wildlife and present this project to a group detailing the awareness raised as a result of this project.

Conservation: This is required for the Ranger award. The single requirement is to complete a Hornaday style project and present it to a group of youth. Venturing does not care about double counting projects, so, if the project for the Conservation elective qualifies for a Hornaday project, it can be utilized. 

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