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Hornaday Award Project Review

Once the Scout has all required signatures, the application and project write-up should be forwarded to the Westchester-Putnam Council Service Center 41 Saw Mill River Rd. Hawthorne, N.Y. 10532 Attn. Hornaday Award

The Council Hornaday Coordinator will review the paperwork and determine if the write up is sufficient for a board of review. If there is any deficiency, the paperwork will be returned to the Scout for changes. This may also be accomplished by mail or email.

If the paperwork is sufficient, the Scout will be granted a Board of Review. The Board shall consist of 3-5 adults, including the Council Hornaday Coordinator or designee, the WPC professional assigned to the committee, Conservation Advisers and/or Conservation professionals. The Scout will be expected to speak on all points of his/her project, including multiple projects if applying for the Bronze or Silver medals. The finding of the Board must be unanimous in order for the Scout to pass the review.

The Hornaday BadgeExternal Link is conferred by the Council once signed by the Scout Executive and no further review is needed.

The BronzeExternal Link and Silver External LinkMedals are reviewed by the National Conservation Committee and this Committee renders a final decision on whether the Candidate should receive the Hornaday medal for which he/she applied.

The National Hornaday Committee consists of a half dozen Scouters and tends to meet three or four times a year. They have three choices for all incoming applications:

The medal can be awarded and application approved, a lesser medal can be awarded instead if the work is not sufficient (sometimes Silver Medal applications downgraded to Bronze Medals are allowed to complete one additional project and receive the Silver Medal), or the application can be rejected. If a lesser medal is awarded, Bronze not Silver or Gold Badge not Medal, then the Candidate may not re-apply for another Hornaday award using the same projects or work. If the application is rejected, the Candidate should follow the suggestions the Committee provides, if any, to improve
or add more projects.

The National Conservation Committee will send one letter stating receipt of the application and one letter stating approval, rejection, or lesser approval of the application.

Because of the National Committee’s “no dispute” policy for awards, the Blue Council Conservation Committee strives to find and correct potential errors in applications before sending them to the National Committee. We also generally recommend working on four or more projects for the Silver Medal, if possible, to increase the chance of receiving a Medal.

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