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Awarding the Hornaday

After approval, the Council Conservation Committee will receive your awards. Since earning a Hornaday award is so rare, it will most likely be presented at a Council-wide event like the Eagle Recognition Dinner or Volunteer Recognition Dinner. An additional presentation may be done at the Unit level, if desired.

The items granted by the Conservation Committee for each award are listed below:

Hornaday Badge and Gold Badge: A framed certificate and the badge device.

Hornaday Bronze or Silver Medal: A framed certificate, pinned medal, and twosquare knots (only one to be worn per award).

Hornaday Gold Medal: A framed certificate, hanging medal, and two square knots(only one to be worn per award).

Hornaday Unit Award: A framed certificate and flag ribbon.

Hornaday Gold Certificate: A framed certificate.

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