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The Hornaday Advisor

One of the first and most important steps you will take is selecting a Hornaday advisor. You cannot formally begin the Hornaday process until you have an approved advisor. A Hornaday Advisor is an adult who understands the requirements and process of the Hornaday Badge and is there to guide you through that process and point out any possible problems with your project satisfying all requirements.

The Hornaday Advisor is not expected to have technical or professional expertise regarding your project or to have any formal relationship with the Sponsoring Organization. The Council Conservation Committee (CCC) will approve a Hornaday Advisor that you nominate for your project, or assign an advisor. The Hornaday Advisor will often be a member of the Hornaday Committee or of the Council Conservation Committee, although this is not a formal requirement.

While it is possible that your troop Eagle project advisor can serve as your Hornaday Advisor, this should be discussed with the CCC as not all Eagle project advisors will be familiar with the Hornaday project requirements and process. To find an Advisor, talk with the CCC. By talking with your Hornaday Advisor, you may come to a better understanding of your personal role in natural resource conservation and the environmental movement.

The Hornaday Advisor can help a Scout in several ways. First, a Hornaday Advisor can help you evaluate project ideas and select a project. If you have difficulty finding a Sponsoring Organization, your Advisor may be able to make suggestions and point you in the right direction. Second, your Hornaday Advisor can give you periodic feedback on your project plan and any shortcomings in meeting requirements.

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Role of the Hornaday Advisor:

  • Facilitates the Candidate’s application process for Hornaday
  • Assists the Candidate in any questions he may have about the Hornaday application process
  • Discusses Hornaday project ideas with the Candidate
  • Sets up Candidate’s Hornaday Board of Review
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