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Using the Workbook "Use the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook"

Using the workbook, No. 512-927, helps candidates avoid pitfalls. If properly used, it very nearly assures success. It shows approvals have been secured, lists important limitations, suggests questions for those approving the project, and includes outlines for the proposal and the more detailed final plan that should come next.


The workbook should not, however, become a basis for rejecting candidates based on "technicalities" that have nothing to do with requirement intent. The use of the workbook is required, but occasionally Scouts will submit it without everything called for. In most cases they should be required to fully complete the proposal and project report, and be strongly encouraged to complete the final plan. However, at times it may not be feasible or just not necessary for establishing that the requirement was met.

If it is clear the project was completed and approved of, and meets Eagle Scout requirement 5 as it is written, then it should be considered. If it will be a hardship, or a poor use of time to fill in missing information or obtain a signature of a party who is unavailable or by some other means known to have approved it, then it is appropriate to accept it. There is something to be said for "object lessons," but keep in mind that write-ups and signatures, though important, are simply supportive. It is a project that we require. Boards of review should use common sense: Did the project meet the requirements or not? Was there planning and development? Was there leadership of others?

The workbook should not become a basis for rejecting candidates based on "technicalities" that have nothing to do with the intent of the requirement.

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