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FAQ's Scouts BSA Advancement

Scouts BSA and Varsity Scouting

  1. What does “active participation” mean?(“Active Participation,” Link)
  2. What are “positions of responsibility,” and how are they evaluated? (“Positions of Responsibility,” Link)
  3. Why require positions of “responsibility” rather than “leadership”? (“‘Responsibility’ and’Leadership,’” Link)
  4. Must the unit leader (Scoutmaster) conference be the last step before a board of review? (“Unit Leader[Scoutmaster] Conference,” Link)
  5. May a Scout choose any registered merit badge counselor? (“Unit Leader Signs the Application for Merit Badge (“Blue Card”), Link)
  6. Is there a time limit between starting work on a merit badge and finishing it? What if requirements change?(“Partial Completions,” Link; “What to Do When Requirements Change,” Link)
  7. Can a Scout be denied a board of review?(“Boards of Review Must Be Granted When Requirements Are Met,” Link)
  8. What if parents insist on attending a board of review?(“Conducting the Board of Review,” Link)
  9. What happens if board of review members cannot unanimously agree on a decision?(“Board Members Must Agree Unanimously on Decisions to Approve,” Link
  10. Can an activity be used for more than one requirement? ("Fulfilling More Than One Requirement With a Single Activity." Link

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