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Boards of Review: An Overview for All Ranks

This section first covers board of review procedures for all Scouts BSA ranks. It is followed by "Particulars for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks (or Palms),"; and "Particulars for the Eagle Scout Rank," Purpose and Timeliness of Boards of Review

After a Scout has completed the requirements for any rank or Eagle Palm, he/she appears before a board of review. Its purpose is to determine the quality of experience and decide whether he/she has fulfilled the requirements for the rank. If so, the board not only approves the advancement or Palm but also encourages him/her to continue the quest for the next rank or Palm. Because the board of review date becomes the effective advancement date, boards should be scheduled promptly as Scouts are ready or set up on a regular basis that assures Scouts are not delayed in beginning time-oriented requirements for the next rank. Boards of Review Must Be Granted When Requirements Are Met

A Scout shall not be denied this opportunity. When they believes they have completed all the requirements for a rank, including a Scoutmaster conference, a board of review must be granted. Scoutmasters—or councils or districts in the case of the Eagle Scout rank—for example, do not have authority to expect a Scout to request or organize one, or to "defer" the Scout, or to ask them to perform beyond the requirements in order to be granted one. In a case where there is concern the Scout has not fulfilled the requirements for a rank as written, it is appropriate to advise the young man/woman that they might not pass the board and to make suggestions about what he/she might do to improve their chances for success. It is, however, the Scout's decision to go ahead with a board of review or not.


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