SCOUTStrong™ PALA BSA Unit Leader Quick-Start Guide

What Is the SCOUTStrongTM PALA?

The SCOUTStrongTM Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Challenge will help your unit members add physical activity to their lifestyle, as well as help them improve their eating habits.

Who Should Be Involved?

This challenge is for Scouts and their entire families, as well as for leaders and their families.

How Is the SCOUTStrongTM Earned?

To earn the SCOUTStrongTM PALA Challenge Award, participants are required to meet a daily activity goal of 30 minutes a day for adults and 60 minutes a day for kids under 18 for at least five days a week, for six out of eight weeks. Also, each week they will focus on a healthy eating goal. There are eight to choose from, and each week they will add a new goal while continuing with their previous goals. Stick with the program, and participants can earn a SCOUTStrongTM PALA award patch in less than two months.

How Do I Get My Unit Started?

Participants can enroll and track their progress either online with a free online activity tracker or on a paper activity log or downloading an activity log at

Online Activity Tracker Participant Directions

❏ Visit

❏ Use the appropriate dropdown menu to pick the appropriate state based on desired council/organization location.

❏ Use the appropriate dropdown menu to pick the desired council/organization.

❏ Click the START YOUR PALA CHALLENGE! button.

❏ At the PALA page of the affiliated council/organization, click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

❏ Complete the required fields and click REGISTER.

❏ The activity tracker home page is what will appear at each login. The home page allows participants to track their activities, join a group, see their award progress, and adjust their account preferences.

PALA Activity Log

For more information, including access to completion certificates, please go to